Amisha and Sanjiv Sinha, franchise owners, College Nannies + Tutors

Amisha and Sanjiv Sinha, franchise owners, College Nannies + Tutors


Amisha and Sanjiv Sinha

Franchise Owners, College Nannies + Tutors

College Nannies + Tutors provides customized in-home child care, ranging from full-time and part-time nannies to occasional babysitters. The company also provides .personalized one-on-one subject specific and ACT and SAT tutoring aimed at helping middle and high school students prepare for college.

Business address: 4350 W Main St. in Frisco

Year opened: 2015 (in the D-FW area – company has been operational in other markets since 2000)

Number of employees: 20

On the Web / Phone:;; 469-312-5225

What does your business offer that is unique compared to similar businesses?

We are unique in three different ways:

First, we are a one-stop shop for families from cradle to college. We support families by providing customized child care when their kids are younger to personalized tutoring as the kids get older. No other service provider grows with families in the way we do.

Second, we take the headache out of finding high quality childcare and tutoring. Families pay for a service and we take care of the rest, including recruiting, hiring, training, background screens, payroll, taxes, insurance, etc. We use our Complete Family Approach, which includes family consultation and goal setting, ideal nanny or tutor match and ongoing evaluation and support. Plus, families love that we employ our nannies and tutors so they can focus on quality family time.

Third, families receive seamless service from us. If a nanny or tutor falls sick or needs to take a day off, we provide backup so the families’ schedules are not disrupted. If a family’s longer term needs or schedules change (same goes for our nannies/tutors), we adjust our services to meet their needs.

What is the most important part of your job on a daily basis?

The single most important thing we do every day is to make sure our families and role models are happy. We exist to make lives easier for the families with whom we work and to provide meaningful employment to our primarily millennial workforce.

Because we are relatively new to the D-FW area, we also work on a daily basis to build community relationships through chamber of commerce involvement, partnering with local schools and businesses and sponsorship of community events.

What are your keys to success?

We are a high-touch service so we constantly are checking in with our families and nannies/tutors. It allows us to always be in tune with the needs of the families we serve and the growth of our employees. This allows us to get ahead of any potential issues that may arise.

We also believe the transparency in how we work allows us to provide great service to the families in our communities. Our pricing is simple and straightforward and there are no hidden or surprise fees or charges. Families only pay for what they use and our families appreciate the straightforward model.

What surprises you most about your job?

We got into this business because, as parents, we knew first-hand the challenges of finding great nannies and tutors that would fit our family’s needs as well as our children’s personalities and learning styles. As we prepared to launch our operations in 2015, we were surprised at how few services conducted such a rigorous process in delivering quality child care and tutoring services to families.

Tell us something most people wouldn't know about your company.

Here are two fun facts:

  1. Our company founder and CEO, Joe Keeley, was a manny (male nanny) in college, and when the children of the families he cared for grew older and their school work became harder, he began tutoring them. That’s how the idea of College Nannies + Tutors was born.
  2. We are the largest legal employer of nannies in the U.S. Most nanny agencies just conduct the match between families and nannies and the families become the nanny’s employer. As mentioned above, because we employ our nannies (and tutors), we take care of all the associated responsibilities of employment taxes, insurance, payroll, etc.

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