As more cars have returned to Frisco roads following shutdowns in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, crash numbers are increasing.

A monthly report submitted to the city by Frisco Police Chief David Shilson noted a steady increase in motor vehicle accidents in Frisco so far this year compared to 2020.

“This increase is likely contributed to the reduction of vehicle traffic in 2020 due to COVID protocols creating less motor vehicle traffic on the roadways,” Shilson stated.

However, in a Tuesday presentation to the Frisco City Council, he noted that this year’s numbers are down compared to 2019 data. According to the report, by October 2019, the department had reported 1,793 motor vehicle accidents for the year. By October 2020, the department had reported 1,285. The department’s latest report shows 1,611 motor vehicle accidents this year as of October.

Shilson said the two leading causes of crashes are speed and distractions.

“I would just encourage motorists, be mindful of your speed,” he said. “That includes speed for the conditions. So if it’s raining outside, obviously the speed limit may not be appropriate. You may need to go a little bit slower.”

“Our DWI numbers are also up,” he added, “So intoxicated drivers are something to be mindful of.”

Shilson encouraged the use of designated drivers and rideshare opportunities.

Data collected from the Frisco Police Department’s monthly statistics reports show that this year’s number of DWI arrests is elevated compared to the previous two years. By October 2019, Frisco Police had recorded 273 DWI arrests for the year while by October 2020 there were 309 for the year. As of October 2021, there have been 332 DWI arrests this year.

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