Katie Hobbs

Katie Hobbs and her husband Ryan

Katie Hobbs is the founder and co-lead for Frisco Lovepacs, a local nonprofit that collects food for students who may not have enough to eat when school is out for the holidays. Her interest in the organization began in The Colony, but when she moved to Frisco she brought the passion with her.

Tell us about your family.

My husband and I have been married for about 15 years. He’s the most supportive person. We have three boys – 14, 12 and 8. They definitely make life interesting all the time. They’re super fun and very talkative.

Where did you grow up and go to school?

I grew up in Columbia, Missouri. We moved here when I was 16 and finished the last two years of school in Dallas. In college I started out at Brookhaven, then went to UTA and finished at Columbia College. I received a degree in psychology.

How did you become involved in Lovepacs?

We’ve been involved with the church for about 12 years. We go to Bent Tree. We were in a Bible study group, and one of the couples had a child who went to school in The Colony. They said there were six kids in need of food or they would go hungry over the Thanksgiving weekend. We said that we could help so we put something on social media to ask if anyone could contribute. We have an incredible community of people who love to give. We had planned on helping six kids. But after looking at FDA guidelines we saw that we had collected enough food to help 46 kids. So we called back and asked if the school had anyone else who needed food. Then for Christmas we expanded that to 110 kids. Later we moved to Frisco and opened up a Lovepacs here. Then one opened in Little Elm and Aubrey, and people asked about Prosper and Plano. So we figured out how to vet what we were doing and get a process in place. It really blew up.

What all do you do for the organization?

I’m the co-founder, and I was on the board up until about a year or two ago. Being a community lead for Lovepacs and being on the board is a lot for one person. And my heart is in the community, so I’ve stuck with being a community lead for Frisco. And Shawn Boon, the co-community lead, has been by side for all of this. We plan the calendar year, coordinate volunteer opportunities, pack dates and food drives. We partner with the local Scouts and now we partner with Recycle 2 Support. All community leads have their own volunteers. We meet with the team every six weeks, and we’ll have 10 community packs for spring break and 10 for Thanksgiving. We’ll have a mega pack for Christmas, which is usually held at a hotel. Last time we had 300 volunteers come out, and we packed about 1,100 boxes.

Is there a moment from your time with Lovepacs that stands out?

There was a third-grader whose family was having trouble getting their boxes. The counselor worked with the child to make sure he got them. The counselor put items in his backpack every day so she wouldn’t call attention to it but wanted to make sure he got home with it. The child started grinning from ear to ear one day because he was getting Raman noodles, and he said that was his favorite. Then he flung the door open and yelled, “I get to eat tonight!” Most kids are embarrassed to be in that situation, but he was excited.

What do you like to do in your free time?

We like to play games and cards with family and friends. And I love a good book by the fireplace. I also volunteer a lot. That’s where my heart is. I love to give back.

Favorite thing to do in Frisco?

We love to go to The Star and walk around, eat and throw the football. It’s a nice downtime activity. There’s also so many new restaurants and coffee shops, so I love to go to all of them.

Favorite musician?

The Beatles

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