Frisco ISD

Frisco ISD

Frisco ISD has been dealing with a surge of “false representation” once again. This time, it comes by way of the business community.

According to Marketing Specialist Morgan Yarnik, companies are attempting to misrepresent the district in order to gain monetary compensation. Yarnik believes that a handful of companies have claimed to be partnering with Frisco ISD for sponsorships, but she said that’s not the case.

“It has come to our attention, as in years past, that third-party, for-profit companies are out there falsely representing Frisco ISD by soliciting sponsorship opportunities from the business community for Frisco ISD and our campuses,” Yarnik said.

This is not new for Frisco and measures have been taken in the past to to prevent this from becoming a widespread issue. Yarnik suggested the solution of going through the district before any person works with a business that is claiming to be representing the interests of Frisco ISD.

“Frisco ISD highly recommends that you take down their name and phone number before proceeding with any conversation or agreement. Please send their name and number to Frisco ISD's community relations department to verify the legitimacy,” Yarnik said.

Yarnik said the district has reached out to the businesses that are violating the rules, but they have not been responsive to the message. There are companies that accurately portray their relationship to the district, but they feel as though it is the safest option to run everything by the media relations team.

“Please note, there are some legitimate companies out there working with our high school booster clubs and organizations, but we still recommend you check with us before proceeding with any conversation or agreement,” Yarnik said. “We know that this has already occurred to some businesses, and while we try our best to stop them from these such practices, we feel we are better serving our business community by alerting you of the possible scams.”

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