Two pedestrians who had been struck by a train in Frisco had been doing drugs before the crash threw them into a brushy ravine, according to an incident report from the Frisco Police Department.

The Oct. 19 incident occurred on the tracks north of Cobb Hill Drive and Research Road, according to a previous statement from the Frisco Police Department. An incident report states one of the individuals lives in Frisco and the other in Corinth.

According to an incident report from the department, a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train had been traveling northbound at around 30 mph when it encountered two pedestrians who had been sitting on a train trestle that sits over Panther Creek. The train speed limit for the area was 40 mph, according to the report.

Shayne Ingram, the train engineer, told police he saw what he thought was two large buzzards sitting on the trestle while the train had been traveling. It was common to see animals along the tracks, he said, and he would normally alert them with the train horn so that they would move.

“Ingram stated he did use the train horn multiple times and that then he realized the two objects were in fact kids and they began to stand up and start running in the same direction he was traveling,” the police report stated.

According to the report, Ingram also began trying to stop the train with emergency braking procedures, but he stated he struck the two pedestrians just north of the trestle. As a result, the two were thrown into the ravine about 40 to 50 feet below.

“Ingram was visibly upset over the incident,” the report stated.

Ingram told police the train was 6,293 feet long and weighed 8,080 tons.

In the report, Officer Thomas Craig, a school resource officer at Memorial High School, said he heard about the incident, which had taken place in an area behind the school, through the radio. Craig stated he used his patrol vehicle to shuttle Frisco Fire Department personnel to the scene after he saw that the department’s equipment would not be able to get to the area in order to provide help.

Craig said the train conductor pointed to a wooded underbrush at the bottom of the bridge embankment and advised that the victims were in a wooded area.

“I could also hear the sound of chainsaws being used by Frisco Fire personnel to clear trees out of the way,” Craig stated.

In his report, the officer added that he heard from an unknown source while in the patient area that the two victims had been using methamphetamines and L.S.D.

According to the report, both individuals had multiple incapacitating injuries and were transported to a hospital in Plano by Frisco Fire EMS.

The incident report does not include any charges or offenses. 

Sgt. Evan Mattei, public information officer for the Frisco Police Department, stated in an email that it was a discretionary decision to not pursue criminal charges against the involved parties. 

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