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Thirty years ago was a world almost unrecognizable to the present day.

At that time, Ronald Reagan was ending his presidency, the iPhone was about two decades away from being invented and gas was $1.54 a gallon.

It would seem that everything would have changed since those days, but one thing has remained constant – that is until now.

Corinth’s city logo was almost that old, but the town that is steeped in tradition is getting a new makeover.

The new logo in Corinth, with its red, white and blue color scheme, pays homage to the city’s history but is also a poignant distillation of the progressive future that officials believe they have in store. The logo is simply a metaphor for a town that is holding on to its past while charging ahead in a changing world.

Lee Ann Bunselmeyer, the director of communication in Corinth, noted that the strategic plan in 2018 proved to be a sea change in the direction of the city. She, along with many other officials, has talked about the increased communication, accessibility and transparency this new direction is highlighted by. They say these facets of growth will help to attract more businesses and economic growth in the future. The logo may be the shiny head of the iceberg but underneath there is plenty more change in the digital communication platform in the city.

“Last March the council made a strategic plan that will help the city for the next five, 15, 30 years. Our logo was outdated and we wanted a new look, a new brand,” Bunselmeyer said. “The strategic plan also has a communication plan, and we made it a priority to communicate better.”

The city is installing a transformative change to the website to make it easier for people to access documents and find the information they are looking for. The website, prior to this overhaul, had not been renovated in five years. The city is also actively searching for a better social media presence and is looking for all the ways to communicate with residents in a modern, authentic way. These changes will be pulling Corinth into 2019 and into the larger 21st century.

“We have been working with the ambassador program and the residents HOAs for these changes to spread the news. We worked with Heart Communication in Denver to design the new logo,” Bynselmeyer said.

The city manager, Bob Hart, also gave a nod to the future of his city and what the logo represents. Hart also outlined his top priorities going forward.

“This is a very exciting time for Corinth,” Hart said. “Corinth is currently experiencing a wave of positive change from the development of the Strategic Plan in 2018 that focused on attracting quality development, regional cooperation, and citizen engagement. The City Council, staff and the boards and commissions are working together to bring the vision from the strategic plan to life. The primary focus is the development of a Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone with the DCTA (Denton County Transportation Authority) rail stop as the core. We are confident it will be the catalyst for attracting unique development to our city.”

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