Corinth Mayor Bill Heidemann

Corinth Mayor Bill Heidemann

Bill Heidemann secured another term as Corinth’s mayor as he defeated Lindsey Rayl in Saturday’s election.

Heidemann received 64.5 percent of the votes (732 votes) to Rayl’s 35.5 percent (403 votes).

In Place 2 on the Corinth City Council incumbent Scott Garber received 74.6 percent of the votes (808 votes) to beat Luis Baker-Bussan (25.4 percent, 275).

Voters also approved Proposition A with 68 percent of the votes. Proposition A allows the city to provide for the planning, acquisition, establishment, development, construction, renovation and financing of the Venue Project, a sports and community project at 3221 Corinth Parkway.

Lake Dallas

In Lake Dallas, Megan Ray won another term for Place 1 on the City Council by defeating Rudy Glynn Vrba. Ray received 59.6 percent of the votes (242) to Vrba’s 40.4 percent (164 votes).

In Place 3 incumbent Cheryl McClain received 55.6 percent of the votes (222 votes) to beat Chad Crossett (38.6 percent, 154) and Jerry Tolle (5.8 percent, 23).

In Place 5 Adam Peabody beat Kammie Savidge by receiving 65.2 percent of the votes (264).

Voters also approved 23 out of 24 charter amendments in Lake City. Only Proposition Q, which would require the city secretary to maintain a certified copy of the voter registration list of city voters, failed.

Shady Shores

In Shady Shores incumbent Mike Nowels defeated Bill Krueger in the race for Place 2 alderman. Nowels received 52.7 percent of the votes (107) to Krueger’s 47.3 percent (96).

Hickory Creek

In Hickory Creek voters approved Proposition A with 67.9 percent of the votes (237 votes).

Proposition A decreases the sales and use tax of one-half of 1 percent to one-fourth of 1 percent for the Type B Economic Development Corporation. It increases the local sales and use tax from 1.25 percent to 1.5 percent.  

Lake Dallas ISD

In the race for Lake Dallas ISD Board of Trustees, Stephen Richardson defeated incumbent Glen Gowans in Place 1. Richardson received 72 percent of the votes (873 votes) to Glen Gowans’ 339 votes.

In Place 2 Alicia McKinley received 56.3 percent of the votes (666 votes) to Omar Flores’ 37.2 percent (440 votes) and Orlin Chotev’s 6.5 percent (77 votes).

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