Lake Dallas ISD talent was on display in Austin on Sept. 29 as over 100 students performed at the Texas Association of School Administrators/Texas Association of School Boards (TASA/TASB) convention.

Approximately 4,000 attendees learned about the district, its history and accomplishments in the 20-minute presentation entitled, “Welcome to LD.”

The presentation included performances by Lake Dallas High School band, choir, drill team and theater students as well as middle school and elementary students. The message was clear – Lake Dallas ISD is proud to be one of the 1,031 public schools in Texas.

“I believe in the promise of public education,” Superintendent Gayle Stinson and TASA president said. “Our goal is to transform schools into student-centered organizations, and the LD student performance at TASA/TASB Convention is a perfect example of the invaluable experiences gained through a Texas public education. Our pride for our students is off the charts – they are strong, brave and humble. They are Falcons.”

Stinson is serving as president of TASA for the 2018-19 school year. As president, she presides over the Executive Committee, which is the primary decision-making body of the association. Founded in 1925, the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) is the professional association for Texas school administrators, providing networking and professional learning opportunities, legislative advocacy, and communications to support the work of superintendents and other school leaders.

“I’m a better superintendent and human being for having an opportunity to serve my profession, our district, our community and the State of Texas as President of TASA,” Stinson said. “My hope is that, as an organization, we continue to fuel professional learning, advocacy for an educated citizenry as a whole, and strong membership engagement.”

Months in the making, the TASA performance was the product of many talented LDISD students, fine arts and video instructors and administrators who worked together to represent the district at the state level.

Lake Dallas High theater director Jordan Love directed the performance with technical support from Melissa Shamp. Seniors Benjamin Chesser and Chloe Martin played Freddie Falcon and Talon Trueheart, as anchors of the program.

Videos highlighting district programs starred sixth-grader Andrew Meche as Sunny Skies – the roving reporter. Additional actors and technical crew included Deja Bledsoe (12), Maxwell Calabrese (11), Elizabeth Gowans (12), Elizabeth James (12), Noah Payne (12), Dalton Redfearn (12), Alissa Rojas (9), Breanna Spink (12), Brennen Thiessen (10) and Madeline  Vaughn (12).

The LDHS Falcon Band members, led by directors Denise Kennedy, Frankie Burke and Dallas Bayless included Jase Ballard (10), Dahnemah Blair (11), Addison Blevins (12), Matthew Carolla (10), Jose Carrillo (12), Kacie Carson (12), Caulin Childers (10), Matt Collier (11), Elise Dickey (12), Josh Dunn (10), Gabriel Flores (11), Grace Gosselin (11), Esdras Hernandez (10), David Howell (12), Isabella Humpert (11), Landon Islas (11), Zachary Kunkle (10), Amanda Lawrence (12), Katie Ledbetter (10), Nicholas Love (11), Gratzelly Marquez (12), Michael Minassian (11),  Angel Muniz (12), Nick Niezgoda (10), Janae O'Connell (12), Aaliyah Pedraza (11), Gabriel Perez (10), Amy Richter (12), Justine Shelton (12), Lilli Smith (10), Devin Stepp (12), Dylan Taylor (12), Nicole Vega (12), Aleyna Wagner (10), Austan Williams (12), Zach Wolter (11), and Dylan Wyatt (11).

The Highstepper drill team, led by director Libby Claycomb, included Gaby   Alvarado (12), Loryn Byassee (11), Cassi Crain (12), Blake  Frase (12), Olivia Greer (11), Riley Jones (11), Shirley McCullough (12), Lauryn Pennington (11), Kelsey Pierce (12), Holly Pohlmeyer (11), Kaylee Robinson (12), Anna Ruggiere (12), Lauryn Simmons (12), Evelyn Vazquez (12), Camryn Wood (11), Jordan Young (12), Maritzel Zavaleta (11) and special guests mini-stepper Aubrey Caldwell (4) and junior-steppers Olivia Anderson (8) and Grace Huff (8).

LDISD Choir coordinator, Laura Weidel, directed the combination elementary, middle school and high school choir that included Tristen  Anderson (10), Jayden Atkinson (3), Amanda Bearry (12), Aliyah  Brown (6), Madelyn Brumley (12), Kylie Cataline (11), Anna Do (5), Elizabeth Elliott (12), Nora Ellis (5), Sylvia Estrada (7), Hayden Fuller (5), Rylee Garrison (4), Michael  Gibbons (10), Taylor Gilbert (6), Jeremiah Jackson (12), Ashton Kirkland (11), Joshua Lowe (8), Kynnadi Luke (4), Lexie Martinez (8), Kellye McKenna (12), Andrew Meche (6), Madison Morrison (8), Carlos Ortiz, Jr. (4), Cassidy Petty (4), Daniela Retana (3), Margaret Sartain (4), Sophia Sartain (4), Lauryn  Simmons (12), Georgia Stinson (7), Rhett Stinson (3), Hayden Swartwout (2), Braylie Thiessen (7), Noah Thompson (5), and Anabelle Wohr (3).

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