Lake Dallas Fans

Lake Dallas coaches and players raved about the community support.

During Lake Dallas’ run throughout the postseason for girls basketball, there was not an empty seat to be found for the Lady Falcons. 

One hour, two hours or four hours away, every single Falcon fan who could have made the trip was there. They were there to watch the Lady Falcons win their first playoff game in 12 years. They were there when they went to the regional quarterfinals. And they were there when they played in the regional semifinals all the way out in Snyder. 

It didn’t matter what you had planned. You were going to be there regardless.

“The support was absolutely incredible,” said Jordan Davis, Lake Dallas girls basketball coach. “At Southlake, those bleachers were pretty full. Then when we went to Northwest, they were really full. I saw a couple of Lake Dallas people sitting across from us. It’s just great. Like when you have fans, families, students, administrators, faculty that really rally around and support the kids, it’s so huge for them and they see that what they’re doing makes an impact.”

During that trip to the regional tournament, there was nothing that the Lake Dallas fans wouldn’t do to support their basketball program as they kept advancing farther and farther towards the promised land.

The school had a fan bus for those who wanted to make the trip to Snyder and two administrators picked up Chick-fil-A and brought it to the team from Abilene.

“Just people doing anything and everything they can to help,” Davis said in March. “It’s really incredible to see the support from this community and everybody. These girls will walk up and down the hall and people they don’t know are talking to them and telling them good job, coaches and stuff. 

“It’s really special. I hope they don’t take it for granted because I know there’s a lot of places that don’t get that. I think it’s special, and we’re going to talk to them and make sure that they know like, ‘Hey, you guys are in an awesome place with great people around you. Don’t forget that.’”

And that support spans out to every walk of athletics on campus. 

For a 5A Division II school and an enrollment of over 1,200 students. everyone from the Lake Dallas community is there for every step of the ride. From football and basketball to soccer and other spring sports like baseball and softball, the stands are consistently packed.

“That’s what’s great about being at Lake Dallas,” said Scott Head, Lake Dallas athletic director. “I wouldn’t be here this long if we didn’t have that kind of situation. We’re a small 5A, but it’s like one of the small communities. Everybody jumps on the winners, and they will follow them out. It’s always been, like any sport we go to playoffs, everybody comes out to watch. It’s a neat thing. It’s a neat thing for the kids.”

Boys soccer senior Brock Pope, who calls himself a 13-year Lake Dallas senior, has been around the area ever since he can remember and has seen firsthand just how special that support is.

The whole school is backing you. Basketball players will go watch soccer. Soccer will go watch volleyball. Nearly everyone is there, and that’s just the way it was for their ride to a regional finals appearance in 2019 and how it would have been this postseason if the remainder of the year wasn’t called off.

Pope said he’s heard from players from other local schools just how unique their fan base is. They’ve noticed just how many people turn out for any given regular season or postseason contest. 

At Lake Dallas, it’s a family.

“They said, ‘Dude, you have a big crowd at your games,’” Pope said. “It’s just a normal district night and you get a decent little crowd out here. You realize, ‘Man, this is family. These are people that I really do cherish.’ I’d say the community atmosphere is fantastic.”

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