Karina De Paoli

Karina De Paoli will play collegiately at Arkansas-Little Rock.

With the high school sports season officially over in Texas, Star Local Media talked to seniors from the area and allowed them to write their own reflection of their high school careers. Lake Dallas girls soccer senior Karina De Paoli takes a look back at her days as a Lake Dallas Falcon: 

What an eventful four years it has been with the Lake Dallas varsity girls soccer team. I can’t believe that it’s already over. 

My freshman year was a very nerve-racking situation for me, wondering if I was good enough to play for varsity. After the first week of tryouts, they moved me up along with one other freshman. 

I had begun early preseason with breaking my nose for the first time in the scrimmage against Joshua. That put me out for a good month, then I came back just in time for district games. To my surprise, I became a four-year varsity starter as a freshman, making a name for myself. That year became the foundation for all the other years. We had some potential then, but it didn’t quite work out with the tough competition and other aspects.  

My sophomore year we had quite a few talented freshmen come to the team. Junior year I became a team captain, and we gained some more young, valuable players to the team. That year had been the closest chance we had to making the playoffs, and we let it slip. 

Fast-forward about four years, and senior year was by far the most successful. Coach (Nathan) Davis became the head coach, giving us a change. I had started the year with breaking my nose for the second time, in club soccer. I had to get it pushed back into place, and I was out for six weeks. 

After a couple tournaments, I had started to see myself back out there again doing great with my amazing team. The season was going so well, we were winning games, having fun, playing together. 

Sadly, it was cut short right before we got to play our last home game in the district, also known as Senior Night. We had a secured playoff spot and almost a guaranteed district champion title. Four years ago, if you were to tell me that a deadly virus would become a world epidemic and end my senior year like this, I would have thought you were crazy. 

Regardless of the elements that came to be, I am so proud of all the accomplishments my team and I have completed all these years. This team and the privilege of being a team captain the remainder two years of my high school career truly shaped me into the person and player I am today, and I’ll never forget the experience. 

Also, not too shabby for my last year to be named district MVP, as well as district champs.

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