LISD waivers

From left to right: Trustee Angie Cox and Deputy Superintendent Lori Rapp

Amid a faculty shortage relative to increased enrollment and the COVID-19 pandemic, Lewisville ISD will vote in an Oct. 18 meeting to request 13 class size waivers to the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

The proposal and its constraints were discussed by the district’s Board of Trustees in a Tuesday work session.

Under TEA regulations, classrooms in Texas public schools must not exceed 22 students, but any excess of this class size can be authorized with a waiver. These 13 waivers, district officials said, are seeking to increase each classroom’s allotted capacity to 23 students to evenly distribute the workload.

“Principals have already leveled classes and/or in these locations, asked that they keep that class size at 23 rather than further disrupting any of their other classes on campus, and of course, we want to honor that principal feedback,” said Deputy Superintendent Lori Rapp.

Trustee Angie Cox expressed concern that one of these class size waivers applied to The Colony’s Morningside Elementary. Rapp said this waiver hinges on one open teaching position, which the district is looking to fill.

“As soon as [the school is] able to find a teacher, they will no longer need that waiver,” Rapp said. “That’s a campus that will be easy to solve. It’s just taking a little bit of time to do that.”

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