Windsor Court Apartments vehicle fire

Fire investigators say 19 vehicles have been damaged as a result of 10 incidents in which vehicles were set on fire since July 2019 at Windsor Court Apartments in Lewisville. 

Cassandra admits she no longer feels safe at her apartment in Lewisville.

She has installed an additional lock on her door, giving her three, and now has a chair propped up against the door handle for an extra level of security.

Not an overreaction, she said, considering the string of apparent arson cases on the property that appear to be rising. 

“My kids keep asking me when are we going to move,” said Cassandra, who did not reveal her full name out of safety concerns.

Lewisville fire investigators are seeking the public’s help as the number of apparent arson cases at Windsor Court apartments, located in the 200 block of E. Southwest Parkway, continues to rise.

Officials said that going back to July of 2019 there have been 10 incidents in which vehicles have been set on fire at the complex.

The latest incident occurred around 2:55 a.m. Tuesday. In that incident two vehicles were damaged.

In all, 19 vehicles have been damaged in these incidents – some were set on fire and others were adjacent to those vehicles and received damage from the heat and/or flames.

Matt Martucci, spokesman for the city of Lewisville, said there have been no injuries.

But there have also been no arrests made, though fire investigators are following up on leads.

Cassandra said there have been vehicle fires in all sides of the complex, but they appear to be happening in sequence. She said her vehicle received minor damage – tail light and paint damage – as it was adjacent to a vehicle set on fire. But she said others have ranged from having a broken windshield to being totaled.  

“I’ve been here two years, and we’ve had tires get slashed, then vehicles were broken into and now it’s escalating,” the woman said. “These fires are getting worse. At first they were here and there, but now we’ve had several the last few days.”

She said one of her neighbors has had their vehicle set on fire twice. They have since moved.

“If I had anywhere else to go where I could pay the same rent, I’d go. I’d break my lease in a heartbeat,” she said.

A spokesperson for the complex said safety measures have been put in place.

“The safety of our residents remains a top priority,” an emailed statement from the complex stated. “Beginning today, Sept. 16, our security patrol will be onsite nine hours a night, seven days a week. Residents will be notified today of this increase in patrols. We are currently in the process of installing cameras on property, and expect them to be fully functional by the end of next week.”

Cassandra said there have been rumors around the complex that perpetrators are targeting “illegal immigrants.” While she said that’s speculation she knows a few of the victims on her side of the building would “fall under that.”

Martucci said investigators have not been able to confirm if anyone is being targeted.

“Investigators have not found any link to any specific person or groups of people are being targeted in these fires,” Martucci said.

Martucci said fire investigators encourage anyone with information to call 972-219-8477. Cassandra said she hopes it gets resolved quickly.

“It’s not fun living in fear,” she said. “You always think something is going to happen.”

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