This week, State Rep. Michelle Beckley pre-filed 12 bills, following on her promises to focus on healthcare, education and the environment.

“I ran for office to fight for healthcare for employees of small businesses like my own,” Beckley said. “This need has only amplified in the past two years. If this pandemic has shown us anything, it is how imperative it is that Texas takes the Medicaid Expansion. Consequently, I have pre-filed six bills relating to health coverage and Medicaid, to give our fellow Texans greater access to healthcare.

“Furthermore, I have filed bills concerning custodial services in our public schools,” she said. “Custodians are one of the unsung heroes of this pandemic, working to ensure our students are protected from potential infection. We need to support them and learn what best practices should be put in place to ensure high quality custodial/maintenance standards in our schools.

“Last but not least, I have filed a bill to ensure that when right-of-way landscaping is done by utilities, native Texas pollinators are planted. Team Beckley isn’t only for the birds: we are also for the bees.”

The full list of bills pre-filed by Beckley are as follows:

House Bill 508: Relating to health benefit plan coverage of preexisting conditions.

House Bill 509: Relating to the expansion of eligibility for Medicaid to all persons for whom federal matching funds are available.

House Bill 510: Relating to a Medicaid buy-in program for Medicaid recipients with increased household income from employment.

House Bill 511: Relating to a Medicaid buy-in program for Medicaid recipients with increased household income from employment with a small business.

House Bill 512: Relating to a Medicaid buy-in program for employees of small businesses.

House Bill 513: Relating to the expansion of eligibility for Medicaid in certain counties.

House Bill 514: Relating to repealing provisions prohibiting a physician assistant from serving as a governing person or officer of certain business entities.

House Bill 516: Relating to the vaccination against bacterial meningitis of public school students.

House Bill 517: Relating to a school district policy regarding custodian workloads.

House Bill 518: Relating to a study by the Texas Education Agency regarding recommended standards for school district facility maintenance and custodial services.

House Bill 519: Relating to the registration of voters at a polling place during early voting by personal appearance and related procedures.

House Bill 520: Relating to the regulation by the Texas Department of Transportation of right-of-way landscaping installed by utilities.

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