Tony Martinez

A private celebration of Castle Hills was MC'ed by Tony Martinez. 

Castle Hills was officially annexed into the city of Lewisville on Monday. Affording to Mayor TJ Gilmore, this effectively makes Lewisville one of the largest cities in North Texas. 

By annexing Castle Hills, residents of the water districts - formerly not part of any municipality - will receive services from the police and fire departments, animal control, city maintenance and other services.

Gilmore said the annexation was part of a 25-year partnership spanning six mayors and three city managers helping Chris Bright’s vision of Castle Hills into being.

Chris Bright oversees Bright Realty, as well as its parent company, Bright Industries as CEO. Bright Industries was founded in the 1950s by his father, H.R. "Bum" Bright and helped develop Castle Hills before the Castle Hills brought in its first residents in 1998.

“It's become its own organism to some extent,” Bright said. “What's nice about today is seeing this part come to an end and knowing that we are a joined partner where we see not only a future of Castle Hills but a future of Castle Hills in Lewisville.”

At a private celebration of the annexation, Gilmore recognized the former elected officials, city staff and employees of Bright industries who worked toward Castle Hills’ annexation.

“It's commitment from them all,” Gilmore said. “Lewisville known as a place that sets a vision and makes it happen. It's no surprise that the Brights chose to hitch their wagon to us. They knew we could help them make it.”

The city will be adding a city council member in May 2022 as it brings in an additional 18,000 residents.

“We are excited to make Lewisville the biggest hometown you will ever see,” Gilmore said. 

At the Lewisville city council meeting, Gilmore read online comments received from residents regarding the addition of a council member and the requirement that a council member must live in the district they are running for.

Residents gave mixed reviews of the city’s redistricting with the majority of residents in favor of adding a councilmembers.

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