During the Tuesday December 17th Denton County Commissioner meeting, Denton County Commissioners unanimously adopted a resolution declaring Denton County a Bill of Rights-Protected County. Introduced by Sheriff Tracy Murphree, the resolution opposes the confiscation of guns even from individuals deemed to be an imminent threat. Delia Parker-Mims, a family lawyer, believes the resolution will endanger the lives of all Denton County individuals.

In a Dec. 17 Facebook post, Sheriff Murphree wrote, “… as long as I am your Sheriff, neither I nor anyone working for me will participate in any gun confiscation, registration, or mandatory government buy-back.”

Parker-Mims said, “The adoption of this resolution by the Denton County Commissioners means mostly women and children are at greater risk of harm being done to them by an armed person during domestic violence. While most protective orders require the surrender of firearms, Denton County has no system in place to effectuate such a surrender. With the unanimous vote from our county commissioners affirming the Sheriff Murphree’s position, the court made it clear it doesn’t intend to protect us from potentially violent individuals.”

“Not every commissioners court in Texas puts the interest of violent individuals above the safety of its citizens. Harris County’s commissioners court announced new gun-safety measures and enacted a Safe Surrender Program which requires people under protective orders in domestic-violence cases to temporarily surrender their firearms,” added Parker-Mims.

Two citizens expressed their opposition to the passage of such a resolution. Flower Mounder Chris Cortopassi, a Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America member, said, “We are facing a gun-violence crisis in this country that takes 100 lives a day and injures 200 more. Ninety-five percent of voters support background checks on all gun sales and 85% of voters support red-flag laws.”

Precinct 4 County Commissioner Dianne Edmundson thanked Sheriff Murphree for his input while Precinct 3 County Commissioner Bobbie Mitchell contributed no comments during the discussion.

Parker-Mims stated, “Do I support the 2nd Amendment? Absolutely. But rights are not absolute. My 1st Amendment right does not give me the right to yell fire in a crowded movie theatre. We must balance the safety of our citizens versus that of an individual judicially deemed to be a danger. It’s time for smart, responsive leadership that has a vision for Denton County and does not vote mindlessly to sacrifice the safety of our community.”



Delia Parker-Mims is a Democratic candidate for Denton County Commissioner Precinct 3

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