Lewisville street

Senior Planner Jonathan Beckham discusses possible options for a new road policy to ensure pedestrian safety.

A new street policy will be drafted to create more pedestrian-friendly roadways.

The Lewisville City Council approved Traffic Engineer Sagar Medisetty’s and Senior Planner Jonathan Beckham’s request to draft a complete street policy on Tuesday.

Beckham said some of the roads like Southwest Parkway are wider and encourage drivers to speed thereby being a danger to pedestrians.

“Pedestrian deaths are on the rise from a national level all the way down to our city,” Beckham said.

The proposed policy will require city staff to conduct a complete street analysis to see if multiple modes of transportation, including cars, bikes and pedestrians, is conducive to the existing roadway. The policy will also require staff to understand what residents are wanting and follow a standardized process with a checklist to ensure the road includes certain required elements. Each roadway will have different elements depending on the context of the road and the input of nearby residents.

“This is not a one size fits all,” Assistant city manager Claire Powell said. “This is a process.”

Once the draft is finalized, it will be submitted for city council approval.

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