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Lewisville recently received the “Best Supporting City” award from the Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter of the Korean American Coalition (KAC).

Tuesday marked the soft opening of the Zion Market in Lewisville, but the recognition for outside the community is already coming in before the doors even open.

On Saturday, Lewisville received the “Best Supporting City” award from the Dallas- Fort Worth Chapter of the Korean American Coalition (KAC).

In its 14th annual awards banquet, the council of advisors at the KAC presented Mayor Pro Tem Bob Troyer with a clear paneled award. It was an event that featured keynote speakers Suzanne Scholte, a prominent North Korean human rights activist, Mark Keam, the first Korean American elected to the state house in Virginia, and Larry Kinard, the president of the National Korean War Veterans Association.

“The city of Lewisville was presented with the ‘Best Supporting City’ award for our support of the Zion Market in Music City Mall,” Troyer said. “They wanted to be sure to know that everyone is welcome to come out to the K-Pop festival in October after the soft opening that is slated for (this week).”

The Zion Market will feature Korean style food as well become a hub for Korean culture in the community. It is also reported that the space will have engagements and cultural products of all kinds. The K-Pop Festival, which the city will host in conjunction with Zion Market, will include some of the biggest names in the musical genre in a weekend long event at the market, Oct. 26 and 27.

“This is also for just the general support the city shows for the Korean community. To me (this) is really celebrating the cultural and ethnic diversity that really makes us who we are,” Councilman Neil Ferguson said. “It is one of the cornerstones of our city which makes it very exciting to get this award.”

The Korean American population in Lewisville is one of the strongest contingents in the Metroplex, according to Troyer. He was proud to discuss the city’s proud history of diversity and inclusion.

“As a point of information, Korean is the fourth-most spoken language in Lewisville ISD. So we do have a sizable Korean population in Lewisville,” Troyer said.

Other cities neighboring and around Lewisville have been the recipients of this award in the past. Coppell garnered the title in 2018 for their support of “opening doors to Korean Americans,” according to the KAC. The organization's goal is to lift up voices in politics and civic community to ensure a better life for every generation of Korean Americans in the DFW area.

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