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A video that has gained traction on social media locally has animal rights activists up in arms. The short video, which lasts for about a minute, appears to depict a young, high school-aged student placing a dog in a dryer. In a live feed, many people online were encouraging the behavior.

After the case was originally taken up by the Dallas Police Department, officers determined the person in the video was a student in Lewisville. Monday afternoon, Lewisville Police assumed the case from Dallas PD and indicated they would be looking into charges of cruelty of non-livestock animals.

“The Dallas Police Department initially took the case. DPD officers met with our investigators and provided all of the information they gathered in this case. Through their diligent work, Dallas PD identified the individual involved. We will not publicly identify her as she is a minor,” Lewisville police said in a press release.

Due to the sensitive nature of the case, Lewisville police guarded the details of the incident heavily. With a minor being the subject, there is limited information that can be available to the public.

“Our investigation into the case is in its early stages. The case is being investigated as cruelty to non-livestock animals. No other information will be provided at this time. Due to the age of the person involved, few details in this case may be released,” Lewisville police said.

Over the weekend, police were reaching out to school districts in Dallas to see if any teacher could identify the student in the case.

Per the law, the video that was shown to the public had the female’s face blurred out to protect her identity. On Sunday, officials believed they had identified the girl as a student in Dallas ISD. That soon turned out to be false, according to the Dallas Police Department.

“We are aware of a video circulating on social media, purported to have been recorded in Lewisville, of an individual placing a dog in a dryer and turning it on for several seconds. The dog is then freed,” Lewisville police said.

The case, although progressing quickly, is far from reaching its end. There are many details still unknown, according to Lewisville investigators.

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