Texas International Pop Festival

It is a unique gem inside the lore of Lewisville legend, the days of Woodstock and the 1960’s. Although every city has its unique parable to illustrate the hectic days of that era, Lewisville’s takes their story one step further. As the fable goes, just two weeks after Woodstock, Lewisville hosted the Texas International Pop Festival in 1969. Featuring many of the same bands and artists that played at the historical congregation days prior, Lewisville’s festival was said to have 120,000 attendees.

Fast forward 50 years, and the Lewisville City Council has voted to bring back the good times of the past with a 2019 recreation of the iconic city event. In a unanimous procedure, Lewisville enlisted the help of Live Nation, a giant in the entertainment business, to book live bands from 1969 with a flavor of modern music.

Commemorating 50 years since 1969, the event will be hosted on Labor Day Weekend, from Aug. 30 to Sept. 1, at the Lake Park Golf Course driving range. Paid out of the pocket of the Hotel Fund Reserve the city will pay around $1,250,000 to put on the event.

“The Labor Day event remembering the Texas International Pop Festival makes Lewisville a place where citizens want to live, work and play,” Mayor Rudy Durham said.

The event will ideally take on the same name as the first event 50 years ago. Angus Wynne III currently owns the rights to the name “Texas International Pop Festival” but the city has asked the events staff to negotiate terms to use the name. Lewisville has instructed Live Nation, who they will pay approximately $100,000 for their services, to book at least one band that performed at the 1969 concert. The rest of the music will mimic the style of the past and some will have a sense of modernity to it.

The city has released early projections of the attendance of the 2019 event. According to a memo released by the city, they expect there to be 5,000 people in attendance on both days of the event. The expected offset revenue from this will be around $500,000 but that is a lower projection. Councilman Brandon Jones indicated the actual revenue will be much higher once the plans start to become more concrete.

In a meeting that transpired during a workshop session in December 2018, the council also floated the idea of commissioning an exhibit to be displayed in the MLC Grand. Working in conjunction with the Denton County Office of Culture and History, there will be a retrospective exhibit that will be featured all of September. Moreover, the city is working alongside the communication team to create a video entitled “Lewisville Looks Back” with people in Lewisville for the original festival discussing their experience.

“The 50th Anniversary of the Texas International Pop Festival is a once in a generation event. The first one in 1969 brings back fond memories to many of our citizens,” Councilman Brent Daniels said. “This is our chance to both relive some of those memories and to create new ones.”

Early renderings of the event have a two stage setup and a fenced in enclosure. The event will be ticketed for residents to generate revenue.

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