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Local hip-hop artist, producer shines through adversity

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Jaylin Williams likes eating delicious food like everyone else – sodas, hamburgers, French fries, cakes, and other high-fat products.

For Williams, a Lewisville resident, these things, which a “typical” person might take for granted, carry a potential danger. Without proactive management of his insulin intake, too much physical exertion can cause his blood sugar to crash; too many carbohydrates can cause it to escalate. Either can be life-threatening for Williams, who has type 1diabetes.

Overcoming adversity

Williams, 26, has lived his whole life in the shadow of diabetes. First diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at 23 months old, he slipped into unconsciousness when admitted to Children’s Medical Center of Dallas in 1995. Physicians declared his condition so severe he clung to life during his first eight hours under close medical supervision. His blood-sugar levels tested at 2019 mg/dl.

According to the American Diabetes Association, normal blood sugar levels without diabetes are between 90 to 130 mg/dl.

The physicians and nurses at Cooks Children’s could not recollect anyone having a glucose level that high ever at the time. Williams underwent several tests, and special medications were used to control blood sugar levels to an acceptable range. Once discharged doctor’s set his target range between 100-200 mg/dl.

“For the past 26 years, diabetes has been the extra denominator for me, and my family,” Williams said. “It affects the way I go through life, how I think, eat, sleep, and a lot of other things I do on a daily basis. Basically, diabetes changes everything. If I don’t keep my blood-sugar levels in a good range, things can go bad real quick.”

Despite his challenges, Williams is pursuing his dream. Today Williams is a promising entrepreneur, a hip-hop rap artist, a music producer and the founder and CEO of Jaykidproductions Music Studio.

His continuous focus is on various aspects in the music industry – his songs, his music videos and his recording audio engineering skills with emphasis on being one of the best music producer’s ever.

“I knew what my calling was even before I graduated from high school,” Williams said. “So my main objective during my senior year was to learn as much about audio engineering as possible. Once I enrolled in the audio production program, my enrollment was denied, due to overcrowding. I was told there was a long waiting list as well. And I was devastated. I was an average student in the classroom, and I wasn’t interested in any other subjects but music production only. So college was not an option for me.

Jaylin Williams

Jaylin Williams

“Upon graduating, I purchased an inexpensive do-at-home recording studio, and that was my motivation to learn. So I took full advantage of the opportunity I created, because, I believe with hard work and determination you could achieve whatever your desired goals.”

His audio engineering abilities were self-taught with over 12-plus years in the game. He continues to practice diligently on his engineering skills, to perfect his craft and always striving to become the best.

At14, he began writing Christian rap songs and performing in various venues throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area including numerous churches, clubs and the renowned Dallas House of Blues.

A new direction

By age 21, he began liking the sounds of “old school” soul R&B and hip/hop rap music. He began writing raw hip/hop lyrics, creating hip/hop instrumentals, with a natural liking for the art of sampling and ability to convert the work of another into his own signature style.

“Sampling is a crucial skill to master in order to be a complete music making producer," Williams said. “Finding the right drum kits and loops with extra flair will land you a great hip/hop, pop/rock, R&B, funk/jazz beat.

“I have a uniqueness by keeping it real simple and experimenting with what sounds best,” he said. “Personally, I like the idea of old school songs being dug-up and given a new lease of life with a new sound. In my opinion, I think that sampling old school can add new dimensions to hip-hop beats, especially with a wide range of effective kicks, snares, hi-hats and claps if used in a creative way. I believe strongly that the 808 drum kicks is what makes music in the new modern era of today‘s musical industry. And my library consists of many instrumentals I produced spanning all genres.”

Music influences 

Williams said his family has always been supportive.

“My uncle Mica was a big influence in my music career as well,” Williams said. “He once owned a music production lab in OKC where I recorded a few gospel rap songs. I was fascinated with the digital and analog equipment and how it was used. My musical influences include a variety of different musicians. I cannot compare myself to other artists in the game because that’s unethical. Every rapper has their own unique style. I’m not sure if I have what’s called a style. I just do me; "I make my moves accordingly, and give all the glory to God.”

 Jaykidproductions Music Studio

Williams said Jaykidproductions provides a cutting edge, up-to-date sound on every project. 

"In today's competitive music industry every company needs to exceed with a quality product, responsive customer services, great work ethic and honesty,” he said. “Experience to deliver a quality product is what makes one stand out in the battle with the ‘do at home’ production technology that is available these days. This is how Jaykidproductions makes a difference and stands out above the rest.”

Williams recently dropped an EP titled “Take One: The EP Promo,” which is produced by Jaykidproductions.

Williams said he’s also in the process of filming a Halloween music video and will film a music video in Los Angeles next month.

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