The Senate Finance Committee this past week unanimously approved SB 2222 filed by State Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, to provide bullet resistant windshields for Department of Public Safety (DPS) patrol vehicles.

"Just a few weeks ago one of our troopers was murdered in cold blood, shot in his patrol car, and we are not going to stand by while our troopers are being ambushed," Senator Jane Nelson said. "Here in Texas, we back the blue, and passing this bill will help protect our officers from those who would do them harm."

According to DPS, Texas has seen a 500% increase in attacks on our DPS officers in the last two years. Senator Nelson filed SB 2222 in honor of Texas troopers who were ambushed in the line of duty:

Terry Miller died October 12, 1999, survived by his wife and two daughters

Randall W. Vetter died August 7, 2000, survived by his wife and infant son

James Scott Burns died April 29, 2008, survived by his wife and infant child

Trooper Allen, died Nov. 23, 2008, survived by his wife, three daughters and son

Charles Pryor sustained a wound to his face August 31, 2019, and has returned to full duty

Chad Walker died March 31, 2021, survived by his wife, son and three daughters

The bill now heads to the full Senate, and the hearing can be watched at

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