How do you pay tribute to somebody who saved a life?

There may not be a tangible way to encapsulate the gravity of a moment like that but the Lewisville City Council did its best.

Chris Hammonds risked his life to save a woman from a burning car, saving her life in the process. At the latest council meeting, the CoServ employee was bestowed a token of gratitude on behalf of the Lewisville police department and the city.

On June 22, a woman, who has chosen to remain nameless through this process, was driving on State Highway 121 when she experienced a “medical episode” according to Lewisville police. At this point, the driver lost control over the vehicle and proceeded to have the car swerve out of control.

Police indicated the car crossed multiple lanes of traffic in this time, giving little warning to other cars on the road. An oncoming truck was unable to stop in time and hit the woman’s car as the vehicle crossed into the second lane.

Once the impact was made, the pickup truck drove the car into the barrier of the road. A car engine fire immediately broke out with the woman still in the vehicle and unconscious. Hammonds stopped his car at the time of the crash and got out to save the woman’s life. While the fire was burning, Hammonds shattered the driver’s side window and unlocked the door to where the woman was laying down. He proceeded to pull her out of the car and even stabilized her neck and head before the first responders could arrive on the scene.

“If not for Mr. Hammonds' efforts, the Lewisville Fire and Police Departments believe the woman would not have survived. Thank you Mr. Hammonds for taking proactive actions in the seconds after the crash to save a life,” the Lewisville police department said in a statement.

Another incredible part of the story is the woman survived the crash and there were no other injuries in the incident. The woman was in attendance at the council meeting when Hammonds received his award and the two embraced. Although she did not release her name, she did thank Hammonds for his courageous efforts.

“I’m very, very thankful for you saving my life. Nothing will repay having my life, not just for me but for my entire family. I wouldn’t be going to my family’s 85th family reunion next weekend; they would be going to my funeral,” the woman said. “So I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. They say God is watching out for you, and that day, He sent you.”

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