Lindsey Rayl

Corinth mayor

Owner at Grace Counseling Center

Number of years in the city: 16

What is the biggest challenge facing the city and how would you help solve it?

I think the biggest challenges facing the city are bringing in suitable business and the ability to effectively communicate with the citizens.

When it comes to bringing in business that can produce sales tax for the city and fits in with the vision is a big challenge. We do not need any more car dealerships, day cares or fast-food joints. Based on how Corinth has historically handled this issue I am extremely concerned about bringing businesses in to fill the giant city square that they have already started constructing. We need someone who has the connections to fill that effectively and strategically to maximize the profit for the city and prevent Corinth from continuing down the path it is taking now. Personally, I do not want to live in a city where I have to worry about shootings and kidnappings while still paying high taxes and utilities.

What are your ideas to attract quality economic development to Corinth?

I have already started throwing around ideas with some of my friends who do real estate development of shopping districts. They have plenty of connections with businesses that would love a spot in a nice family oriented suburban city square. My friend wanted to purchase the land over where the Avila issue is taking place on Lake Sharon but has not been able to get in contact with anyone to put in a bid. He was looking to make a cute little neighborhood shopping area instead of the apartments they are currently trying to put in there. At this rate we will be overrun with apartments, our property values will depreciate, and our utilities will go way up. I personally am not well versed on commercial real estate but one of my great strengths is the incredible network I have built over the years.

Is the city spending money in the right areas? If not, what would you change?

I believe there are some adjustments that could be made. We are forty-three million dollars in debt, yet we are giving the city staff raises during COVID and assisting in building new dog parks. The city council members are given an allowance for events and travel to presentations, but it is a completely voluntary position. A company in debt does not spend money like that, you create a lean budget. Bonds cannot save the city; they just prolong the issue and I think they may be riding on Agora District to be the solution but that will only happen if it is executed correctly.

What is your history of involvement in the city?

I have run for city council twice so far. During those races I have learned so much, although I will not deny that there is a ridiculous amount still left for me to learn. I sat on Keep Corinth Beautiful for a short time while it was still disorganized before Amanda turned it around and won a bunch of awards for KCB. She is a rockstar! But most importantly, I have lived here for 16 years; I have attended the schools and when it was time for me to move out, I bought my own house here. I have seen the city transform, I pay the taxes and the utilities and my whole family lives here including my three-year-old son. I have some skin in the game because I really want my kid to be able to experience the same Corinth that I did growing up, but he does not have that chance when half of the city that I loved is moving away.

Anything else you would like to add?

I just want to add that I understand that I may not have the experience that Bill does but I do have some life experience. Perseverance, heart, and the ability to listen are my biggest superpowers. A wise man told me that the biggest job the mayor has is setting the vision for the city, well as a long-time citizen I am not happy with this vision of Corinth. I am not happy with the business that has been brought in, I am not happy with the businesses that I loved that had to leave, I am not happy with the shootings, the attempted kidnappings, cars getting robbed at the city hall and I am really not happy with the lack of planning that leads to situations like my three-year-old having to be without running water for several days. Corinth is better than this.

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