Alicia Gray

Little Elm calls itself “The Town with a Lake Attitude,” and conducive to this spirit are the series of recreational events curated on the shoreline of Lewisville Lake.

Since 2015, Little Elm special events manager Alicia Gray has been at the helm of these events and others like it. In the Q&A below, she reflects on a career of routine recreational output that led to her prolifically tapping into the “lake attitude” that has been a source of pride for the town.

How did you get in your line of work? 

While in school at Texas Tech, I took an internship with the city of Lubbock's Parks and Recreation Department under special events. I was hooked after that. I loved planning large festivals, as well as small gatherings. I planned weddings for a while, but working for a city was always my favorite.

What's been your greatest career moment to date?

This one is hard. I would probably say getting my certification in event management school and earning the title of "Certified Festival and Event Associate." It was just two weeks over two years, but those weeks are packed with long days and nights and a group project. My group earned second place. It’s nice to have some letters behind my name, not to mention the networking that comes with it.

Are you a native Texan? (where from?)

Yes. I was born in Paris and moved to Longview when I was 11. I graduated from there and then went to school in Lubbock.

What's your fondest childhood memory?

I guess I would say either playing on my aunt and uncle’s ranch or at the lake with my family fishing and swimming. The whole family would gather after church at Pat Mayes Lake and enjoy Sundays in the spring and summer together. I also loved my vacations alone with my other grandparents in Longview.

What's your favorite area restaurant?

Little Elm restaurant? I would have to say Water’s Edge Café for their lemon pepper chicken.

What's your favorite movie?

I don’t really have a favorite. I love so many movies!

Tell our readers about your family.

My mom lives in Dallas and my brother works for Little Elm in the Waste Water Department. I have a boyfriend who also works in Little Elm for the town's fire department. Between the two of us, we have three cats and two dogs and he has a son. I have lots of extended family all over the United States so I like to travel to visit them or we have vacations together when we can.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy boat days, laying out by the pool, traveling and reading.

If you were on a deserted island, what is the one item you couldn't live without?

My cat, Sophie. She would probably hate it though. She’s spoiled and would hate the sand.

Tell our readers something about you they would never guess to be true.

I was super shy as a kid and hated talking to people. I am definitely not that way anymore.

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