Aquatics center inches closer

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aquatics center

An original rendering of the center from September. 

The aquatics center is inching closer to becoming a reality in Little Elm as step two of the process is now finished. On June 20, the town completed their legally obligated notice to residents of seven million dollars worth of bonds through their page in the Denton County Chronicle.

The council approved two measures that will ensure the aquatics center is on its path to completion. The first was the approval of the issuance of notices of $7 million worth of bonds. Whenever a bond is being discussed by the council, state law requires for the municipality to issue a notice in a local paper for two consecutive weeks. This has now been completed by Little Elm’s council. Notices appeared highlighting these bonds on June 13 and June 20.

The timeline, now past this point, has two more significant dates in the near future. On July 16, the council will review electronic bids for the aquatic center. Then, on Aug 15, the project will be funded after a vote by the council.

The council also approved a Construction Manager at Risk Agreement (CMR) with a contractor. Although all bonds have not been sold already, the council saw “limited risk” in awarding the contract at this stage in the process. It will be funded, to this point, through the portion of bonds that have been sold.

This completes what the council is calling “stage two” of the aquatics center buildup. At this point in the process, the town has worked out a design that is cost effective and efficient. In the past, starting in 2017, the government has worked with the C.T. Bannon Corporation to determine the viability of the project. Then, the town collaborated with the Byrne Construction Services on the CMR.

The group submitted a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and construction schedule. The maximum price came in at $21,448,995.00.

Original renderings of the design included many slides, a lazy river and a ropes challenge course. When the original designs were coming out, officials directed the construction designs to pack as much fun into the structure as possible within the budget. They discussed themes such as Lakefront themed features and even special nights like “adult night”. Wake boarding options have also been floated at different points of the design process.


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