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Amid the poor weather in Little Elm in recent days, officials decided to close the beach ahead of Memorial Day weekend. Matt Mueller, who provided an update on the situation this week at the city council meeting, said that in order to ensure the safety of residents the beach will remain closed until further notice.

As rain, and harsher weather, whipped into town, Mueller indicated that higher water levels are causing the shutdown. Officials have estimated the water level is about seven feet higher than usual, which is eating up most of the beach. Other activities, like the boat ramp and the area in the Lakefront district outside the beach, are open as usual.

“Memorial Day weekend is always the big kickoff for the summer. It is a little bit of a complicated weekend for us this year.” Mueller said. “The rain has certainly changed the dynamic around Lewisville Lake. We have pretty high water levels and we are at about 529 feet, about seven feet above normal water elevation. It has affected the beach; we don’t have much beach left.”

The town has erected barricades around the beach area to ensure that no residents can get to the water. With such high elevation, the safety of residents cannot be ensured if anybody decided to get into the unusually high lake.

“We are concerned about underwater hazards. The beach is unusable, however, the park is very much open. The pavilions are there for folks to use and the grills and the camping areas are open,” Mueller said. “We still expect a lot of folks to visit us at the park.”

Mueller also highlighted the town will be providing extra space for cars to park near the boat ramp. Little Elm officials believe the traffic, over the holiday weekend, could be bad with the amount of people wanting to get on the water with their boats. This may be exacerbated by the fact that Little Elm’s boat ramp is the only one currently open on Lake Lewisville.  

“The boat ramp is open. We will be making a lot room for overflow parking. We are currently the only ramp on Lewisville Lake that is open. We anticipate we will have a lot of traffic there,” Muller said. “Of course, if we get many more feet of water, our boat ramp will have to close as well. We feel pretty good with the forecast, for now, that the boat ramp will remain open.”

Officials have urged residents to enjoy the weekend and the full assortment of amenities open. Even with the beach closed, Little Elm park certainly allows people to enjoy the full spectrum of fun to celebrate the holiday.


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