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Gun scare blown out of proportion

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McCord Park was the scene of the incident. Image courtesy of the town. 

An incident at McCord Park thankfully resulted in no injuries and no gun. After Little Elm police were dispatched to the park when a resident indicated there was an armed gunman under a bridge, the situation was quickly diffused when the gun was identified as a BB weapon.

According to the police department, a resident called 9-1-1 at approximately 4:20 p.m. on Friday, May 30. The resident believed he had seen a white male carrying a gun under the park’s bridge. The caller had been fishing by the pond when he had seen this suspicious activity.

“We take all the calls seriously. I was on the dispatch and police went underneath the bridge looking for a man with a gun. The situation could have been possibly dangerous,” Police Chief Rodney Harrison said. “When officers arrived though the man was not carrying a gun and we found multiple BB guns stored in his bag.”

Harrison indicated that although it wasn’t nothing, the disturbance ended up being “blown out of proportion”. The original call to police did not indicate there had been prior misconduct on the part of the suspect but, upon arriving on scene, that was not the case. According to the caller, two white males in the “BB gun” party had gotten into an argument with the fisherman. That situation also did not result in any injuries and the males proceeded to walk away and under the bridge.

“We did not know about that part of the situation until we arrived. One of the males, with the BB gun, was intoxicated and that was probably the reason for the argument. We arrested the male on public intoxication and we identified the other male and released him,” Harrison said.

The male that was arrested in Friday’s affair has been arrested multiple times by Little Elm police. This is not the first time he has caused a public disturbance and is well known by the police department.

“We are going to try to get him some help. It is not normal behavior for a male in his 20’s to be carrying around multiple BB guns in his bag,” Harrison said.

Although the gun report was false in the end, Harrison did say the fake weapons looked very realistic. He completely understood why the call was originally made and how they would be easily mistaken.

“It is one of the scariest situations for police officers, for us to think it is a gun and then it turns out that it is just a BB gun. These looked extremely real,” Harrison said. “I own multiple pistols myself and these looked just like them.”


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