Letter to the editor:

To all Little Elm voters,

Because I have had the privilege of living across the street from Curtis Cornelious and his lovely family for the last ten years, I wanted to let you know what I have personally experienced during these years. And, I wanted to let you know what a fine mayor he would be for our growing town.

We have a lot to be proud of in our town, but I am proud to know Curtis and his family. First, I would like to tell you a little about me and my husband. I am 79 years old and my husband will be 79 in a few months. Several years ago, my husband became very ill and was in hospitals and rehabs for over seven months. This illness has left him confined to a wheelchair. Thank God he is doing well now, but has limited mobility. During his illness and hospital confinement, Mr. Cornelious’ sons came to my door one day to see if there was anything they could do to help me. They were just young teenagers at that time. My son was helping me to make our home wheel chair accessible, to make shower accessibility possible and to install other safety features. Needless to say there was a lot of moving and lifting that was needed. These two extremely polite young men were here to help me with anything that I needed. Someone had obviously raised these boys properly. They were always ready to help. They began during this difficult time to take my trash out to the curb every week and bring it back in when emptied. They still do that to this day. I love those two like my own. These boys are both education minded and are excellent students. The older son is in college now and the younger begins college next fall. I know they will be excellent citizens wherever they go. Curtis and his lovely wife, Charlet, have instilled great values in their sons.

One day my husband fell in our garage and I was calling to get help when I looked up and Mr. Cornelious was there to help. He had heard me scream when I saw my husband fall. He then just picked him and put him in his wheel chair. If he sees me doing anything with which he believes he could help, I look up and he is there. There have been many other situations that have occurred, and I look up and he is there to help.

I follow him on Face Book, and I love reading his posts because they always reveal the most positive outlooks on life. He has told me many times that he feels he is always here to be helpful and do whatever he can to be kind and loving every day. I know that he would bring those attitudes with him to govern our town. He is the kind of person that will do his best every day to make our town grow and prosper in every way. He has the experience by serving on city council and as mayor pro tem. He will do the job with humility and kindness. I hope you will consider voting for him in May, 2021. I know my husband and I will.

Thank you,

Nancy Cox,

Little Elm

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