The Little Elm Town Council approved a list of nominees for the Town Charter Review Committee at the most recent council meeting.

While the committee is typically just a formality, Town Manager Matt Mueller highlighted potential changes to council pay ahead of the process.

According to Mueller, council pay has been a suggestion coming out of the committee for the last two years. In years past, the council has decided to kick the can down the road and not act on the recommendation.

“The last two committees there have not been a whole lot of changes that have come up. The only thing that has come up both times is council pay. That was the only thing that came out of the committee last time,” Mueller said. “Council chose not to act on that at that time.”

The committee has suggested that all expenses that were derived from official council business be compensated by the town. They also made a recommendation to give each member of council and the mayor a $75 paycheck for every meeting.

“Members of the Town Council shall be entitled to reimbursement of all necessary and reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of their official Town Council duties as may be authorized by the Town Council,” the recommendation read. “The Mayor and each Council Member shall receive compensation in the amount of $75 for each regular or special meeting of the Town Council attended.”

The review committee is required by town law to review the charter on a bi-annual basis. The committee has historically been composed of around seven representatives, nominated by each member of the council and the mayor. There is not a specific number that is dictated in the charter so there remains flexibility on how the committee is formed. The only stipulation, said Town Attorney Robert Brown, is that the person is a resident of Little Elm.

In prior iterations of the committee, key recommendations on term limits have been ratified. Most recently, the mayoral position was limited to two consecutive terms. This is also extended to town council posts.

“Every two years we are required by our town charter to put together a committee to review the charter and see if there are any recommended changes that should be made. (These go) to the council and potentially go to the public for consideration,” Mueller said. “We are trying to get this committee formed and started in the early fall.”

The committee is often made up of prior members who served on the committee as well as new graduates from the Citizens Government Academy. Others can be considered as well at the council’s discretion.

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