Stefanie Austin and Dr. Dunia Korous

Stefanie Austin and Dr. Dunia Korous

Stefanie Austin heard the voice of God and she acted by writing two books in 2020 and 2021entitled “My Will or His Will” as Christian devotionals. 

Her first book subtitled "Learning to Live a life To Surrender" debuted and captured #1 Hot New Release and climbed Amazon’s Best-Selling categories for many weeks in 2020 in Christian Ministry and Praise and Worship categories.   

Her second #MWHW book, subtitled “Who is Your GPS?” debuted at #1 Hot New Release in several categories and landed #1 Best Seller based on customer sales and pre-orders on Amazon.

Millennium Smiles in Little Elm volunteered to host the author’s book launch. 

Dr. Dunia Korous said to the audience, “Stefanie is an awesome woman, mother, daughter, community leader and friend and we absolutely thrilled to support her successful book launch of My Will or His Will.”  

According to Austin’s publisher, River Walk Publishing, “The book focuses on the two paths people can follow, namely doing things my (mans) way under my will or making decisions God’s way under His will.”

Austin states, “Sometime God would wake me up in the morning and place a devotion and scripture on my heart that wasn’t relevant to me, however, it was meant for others. I began texting in the morning sharing the spiritual nugget with people.  It started out small and ended up growing to 60 people who would then share with others. God encouraged me to write a book and the confirmation came when others would say you should write a devotional book.”

The author wrote and published when many businesses failed under COVID-19. Austin gives God all the credit to her entrepreneurial success.  Carolyn Webster a long-time friend said, “Stefanie launched two books during this historical time with two fragrances, “Speechless by Elyse” for women and “Blue Solace by Elyse” for men, while serving as a senior health care executive on the front-lines of COVID-19. She literally poured her heart and time into her faith to help improve all of us.”

“We are proud of our relationship with Stefanie Austin. Her lifestyle of faith translates into what people are hoping for right now. We are looking forward to Austin’s ‘My Will or His Will Challenge’ where she will work with people from around the world to her new ministry,” said editor Christopher Herring, River Walk Publishing.

Austin is asking for the community to visit her book website at and to sign up for the upcoming 31 day spiritual challenge.   

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