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Five road constructions projects, scheduled to be completed during the summer break from school, have begun in Little Elm.

Two of the projects are related to the reconstruction of FM 423, two are relatively minor repairs to the median along Witt Road and one is a water valve replacement.

The project that has the highest visibility is the widening of the unofficial entrance to Little Elm at the intersection of FM 423 and Eldorado Parkway. The short segment between FM 423 and Walker Lane will be expanded to accommodate six lanes, three in each direction.

Town Engineer Kimberly Brawner said the Eldorado widening project is designed to accommodate the traffic patterns that have long been established in that stretch of road.

“We’ve looked at the traffic movement in that area and have created a flow that we have determined will be the most efficient not only for the daily commuter, but also for the occasional motorist,” she said.

For example, a dual right-hand turn onto Walker Lane on the westbound side of the segment will ease traffic destined for Little Elm High School and the neighborhoods that surround it. Also, a 20-inch water valve will be replaced at the intersection of Eldorado and Walker Lane. The valve replacement will be completed overnight to minimize impact to area residents and business.

The other project involves the repair of the roadbed at FM 423 and Woodlake Parkway on Little Elm’s north-east side. That particular intersection has been the subject of repair work on numerous occasions over the last few years, due to several factors.

“The level of traffic, the type of vehicles, the soil under the road and several other issues have played a part in the intersection’s instability,” Brawner said. “We feel we have now come up with a stabilization solution that will give us the long-term consistency that the intersection requires.”

Working with independent construction contractors, Brawner said Little Elm officials have structured the contracts to ensure that work is completed before the start of school, building in incentives and penalties that will motivate the contractors to comply with the timetable.

The other two projects are median repair and realignment projects along Witt Road that will have little impact on motorists. The median at Witt Road and Parkway will be reconfigured to allow a more generous turn radius at that juncture.

Meanwhile the other Witt median repair project is directly in front of Brent Elementary School, 500 Witt. The existing left turn lane at the south driveway will be removed. The town worked with Little Elm ISD to develop a revised traffic operations pattern for the school’s drop-off and pick-up point. This project was purposely scheduled for the summer, and will be completed before school resumes.

“These projects are important to how we manage our traffic movement, and have been scheduled to avoid conflicting with the traffic needs of teachers, students and their parents,” Brawner said. “We apologize for any inconvenience they may cause in the meantime.”

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