The scene at Saddlehorn Drive this morning appeared to be business as usual for residents. The quiet street had few cars coming in and out of the neighborhood and had little semblance of the shooting that had happened just hours prior.

Police are investigating a shooting that occurred during the late hours of Monday night at a home in the 2500 block of Saddlehorn.

According to a press release from the Little Elm Police Department, the first reports of the incident occurred at 11:20 p.m. Police immediately responded to gunshots and found bullet holes through the door when they arrived.

“Little Elm Police officers responded and discovered bullet holes in the door of the house, and someone inside the home would not answer the door. Officers set up a perimeter around the home and attempted to make contact with the subject,” the press release read.

Saddlehorn is not backed by any homes. There is an empty lot that is under construction directly behind the fencing of the home where the shooting took place. There is also a concrete path that is under construction behind the block.

Little Elm police negotiators were able reach contact with the subject inside the home. The report states that the male suspect, however, refused to come out of the home or talk with officers.

According to the police report, the Little Elm police brought in the S.W.A.T. team members to attempt to bring out the subject. Eventually, the team successfully made contact with the subject and brought the male out of the home “incident free.”

“As a result (of the subject refusing to come out), the Little Elm S.W.A.T. was activated and deployed around the home. Shortly after, negotiators were successful in convincing the subject inside the house to surrender, and he was taken into custody without incident,” the press release read.

Little Elm police were contacted at 12:02 a.m. by the Plano Police Department about a possible victim of the shooting. Detectives received notice of a gunshot wound victim that was admitted to the Texas Health Plano Presbetrayan Hospital. This person was identified and confirmed to be related to the shooting on Saddlehorn.

Other facets of the situation continue to develop.

“LEPD received a call that several subjects were at the RaceTrac located at 2100 F.M. 423 in Little Elm talking about being involved in a shooting. LEPD officers detained these subjects and identified them as witnesses to the shooting on Saddlehorn,” the statement said.

The RaceTrac is approximately six minutes away from the scene. It is unknown if they were driving a vehicle or by foot. It is not the closest gas station to the scene of the shooting either. There is another RaceTrac and a QuickTrip that are almost a half of a mile closer to the house. It is RaceTrac policy not to comment on investigations by police.

“Right now everyone is exhausted. We have been working straight from midnight last night. Detectives are getting the search warrant and what we know is in the press release,” Rodney Harrison, Little Elm police chief, said.

For those living on Saddlehorn and in the surrounding areas, it was a mix of emotions. Most heard gunshots but did not know the story of where they came from.

“We heard gunshots and then heard the police come by. It was one of those things you can’t sleep through,” a resident who lives on the street directly adjacent to Saddlehorn Drive said.

Tuesday morning the driveway to the home was barricaded off by two cars.In the driveway of the home there were two more cars that appeared to be heavily packed. People were filing in and out of the home throughout the morning.

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