Robert Boone

McKinney offensive coordinator Robert Boone has helped transform McKinney’s offense into a consistent offensive unit.

This week’s guest has played a big role into helping the McKinney football team’s offense morph into one of the most explosive units in the area this season.

Please relax and enjoy the McKinney Courier-Gazette’s sports editor Kendrick E.Johnson's Sunday Spotlight Conversation with McKinney offensive coordinator Robert Boone.

What does the McKinney offense have to do to be successful down the District 9-6A homestretch?

Boone: We must continue to perfect our technique and fundamentals. It is important that we continue to take pride in our blocking and execution of each play and that starts with great practices.

I believe that you must practice like you want to play, so we put a major emphasis on game-like reps. I work with a great coaching staff that works extremely hard to prepare our players to be successful in game situations and that is another major component that will aid in our success down the stretch.

We have done some good things this season, but we are not satisfied. Ultimately, we need to continue to stay hungry and improve at every position. We must continue to build on our running and passing game.

How have you managed getting three running back consistent carries this season and will the Lions’ offense have a featured back in the near future?

Boone: Having three running backs that are extremely talented is definitely a luxury. I’ve never experienced this unique of a backfield, but our coaching staff has done an outstanding job creating opportunities for our running backs to be successful.

It is indeed one of the most competitive positions on our team but RJ (Carver), OJ (Reed) and Lamarrya (Ransem) feed off that competition. They practice hard and most importantly they support each other. They know that they will always stay fresh in a game but have opportunities to have big time games if they have the hot hand.

This allows them to play as hard as they do every play of the game. I like having multiple backs that can go. We will continue to get the best out of all three backs down the stretch. The most carries will go to the most productive back.

Can you describe your passion for coaching and what made you get into coaching the offensive side of the ball?

Boone: I have a strong passion for building, molding and inspiring young lives. I love the grind that the game of football presents.

 I love being a part of something bigger than myself. I am a competitor and I want to be the best at everything that I do. This game gives me an opportunity to tap into all those components.

I had the ultimate high school experience when I played at Allen High School. Every coach on the staff made a lasting impact on me and I still have strong relationships with them to this day. I started coaching because I wanted to provide the same experiences, I had with my High School coaches and be able to build those same impactful relationships with my players.

My love for the offense started as a player. I also had multiple opportunities to coach other positions on the field and enjoyed it as well. It expanded my knowledge of the game and I apply my experiences to help me be a better offensive coordinator.

Who has been your coaching mentor and how has their guidance gotten you to this point in your career?

Boone: I have had so many great coaches mentoring me and helping guide my career. I have been very fortunate to be a part of programs where I was able to take away something to add to my package as a coach.

I learned scheme at McKinney Boyd, and I learned how to build a championship program from top to bottom at Estacado. I’ve learned how to build relationships, strengthen my organizational skills and how to be an ultimate professional over time.

Coach Terry Gambill of Allen and my former head coach at Allen, Joe Martin, helped me tremendously in my coaching career. I know that I can pick up the phone and talk to them about anything, not just x’s and o’s.

There are many other coaches that have helped me and continue to help guide me and I am always grateful for that good company.

Describe the pride and passion you have inside you for being part of the McKinney football program.

Boone: I love McKinney High and McKinney ISD. I have a special place in my heart for this district because they gave me my first chance and an opportunity to start the career that I love.

Everything is done in a first-class manner from top to bottom. I love the family atmosphere at McKinney High School. The pride and tradition here are second to none. I am blessed to be a part of something so special.

Administration, teachers, coaches, players, students and the community make me proud to be a Lion.

We sacrifice and work very hard every day. We truly enjoy being around each other. When we say, “WAWG WAWN,” it really means everything to us. We live it. That’s what I love about being a part of this program.

How excited are you to be running an offensive unit which is constantly improving and has a lot of important parts in place which puts it in a good spot for future success?

Boone: It is extremely exciting to have an offensive unit that is continuing to improve. It’s a huge testament to the players and coaches on staff that believe in what we do and work hard to generate that success.

I believe that I have the best offensive staff around. Those guys care about kids and build great relationships. They coach our kids hard and our players love to play for them. Fundamentals and technique are hammered daily, and our players hold each other accountable. We are playing with more confidence and guys refuse to be satisfied.

Our goal is to continue to level up and get better every week.

What were the emotions after winning the “Crosstown Showdown” last season again Boyd, your previous employer, to get into the playoffs?

Boone: Winning the “Crosstown Showdown” was an amazing feeling. It was a very emotional game and one of the greatest atmospheres to coach in.

That was a very personal game for me mainly because it had huge playoff implications. I was also able to draw even more motivation because I had been a former coach at Boyd.

I had coached with all those guys before and had the upmost respect for them. I learned a great deal from that program, and I knew that they knew me quite well, so I was ready for the challenge.

I will never forget the hard-fought battle by our players and coaches. To win that game for the first time in a long time, earn a playoff berth and do it against my former school was special to me.

Where do you want to be at in your coaching career three to five years from now?

Boone: Ultimately, I aspire to become a head coach and run a successful program one day. Until that day comes and I get that opportunity, I want to continue to strive to be the best offensive coordinator and associate head coach that I can be for McKinney High School.

I always want to improve and get better as a man and a coach in this profession. Each year, I expect to have a better offense and contribute to winning on Friday night.

My expectation is to also contribute to the overall success of building a great competitive McKinney High football program on and off the field.

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