Brandon Frazier Face of Program

By being rated as one of the top tight ends in the nation, McKinney North star Brandon Frazier has set an elite tone the Bulldogs hope translates into wins next fall.

This spring, recruiters from all across the nation have been blowing the doors off the McKinney North athletic facility to talk to Bulldogs star tight end Brandon Frazier.

After grabbing 37 receptions for 513 yards while scoring five touchdowns as a junior, Frazier morphed into one of the top tight ends in the nation and the official face of the North football program. With former Bulldogs Ronald Jones II and Justin Madubuike receiving similar attention from recruiters heading into their senior seasons, Frazier has put his name in elite territory in North’s program history.

“It been cool to hear my name thrown up with Ronald Jones and Madubuike because they were great players and to have people tell me I’m right up there with them has been a blessing,” Frazier said. “I’m just pushing myself and the team right now, but it will be cool to look back in a few years and realize my name is up there with those two elite athletes, who are two of the best in North history.”

Despite receiving offers from Alabama, Nebraska, Baylor, Arkansas and Vanderbilt this spring, just to name a few, Frazier is more focused on helping his team win games than garnering all the attention that comes with being a four-star recruit. As a result of all the national attention Frazier has received this spring, many of his talented teammates like Austin and Dillon Markiewicz, Max Fecci and Carson Criss have received looks and offers from notable schools as well. 

This is one of the many testaments of how Frazier’s selflessness and team-first mentality is setting the proper tone for a North program many expect to make the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year next season.

“It’s a team game and I can control only what I can control, but I couldn’t be the player I am without Dillon getting me the ball and ‘Big Hoss’ aka Austin blocking for him and allowing me to run my routes, so I’m glad all my guys our getting some shine as well,” Frazier said. “Basically, my mindset is that it isn’t about me. It’s all about the team and doing what’s best for the team like coach (Kyle) Hardin always says. This mindset has made this process the recruiting little easier for me to deal with things.”

With North having a great spring on both sides of the ball, Frazier feels it’s his responsibility to keep improving as a complete tight end so that he can do his part to set the right tone North will need to win multiple playoff games next fall. For North head coach Mike Fecci, who coached Jones and Madubuike as well, having a star set the high-level tone Frazier has set for the Bulldogs this spring is music to a coach’s ears.

“Brandon is a quality young man and represents us positively in everything we do. He’s a great student and is great outside of the program along with being a great leader here. To have a face of the program like him makes me proud for sure,” coach Fecci said. “He’s a real competitive guy and wants to win at everything he does and he has set the tone along with the rest of the guys in this program that the goal is not to get to the playoffs but to get into the playoffs and win games and make a run.

“Next year, I expect Brandon to come up big for our program, but I’m more excited to see what he does in the future wherever he goes because his future is extremely bright.” 

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