Allison Vest

Allison Vest, who owns Mosaic Prosthetics in McKinney, will feature in TLC's newest show, "Body Parts," which premieres on April 6. 

As Alison Vest puts it, walking into her office probably feels like walking into a “mad scientist’s lab.”

“On one table, you might see some fingers hanging out, another table, you might see some ears,” she said in a promotional video. “You really never know what you’re going to find in an anaplastology office.”

Starting in April, viewers will get an inside look at the McKinney business owner’s tables and tools, which will soon be featured on a television show dubbed “Body Parts,” according to a recent announcement by TLC Streaming and Network Originals.

“We can’t wait to introduce Allison Vest, an endearing anaplastologist, who will have patients and viewers in tears as she transforms lives using her gifted skills in art and science to recreate missing Body Parts,” said Howard Lee, president of TLC Streaming and Network Originals in a statement.

Vest has worked as an anaplastologist for years, restoring missing anatomy by making silicone body parts for people who might be missing noses, ears, toes or other body parts. Her office sees patients including those dealing with cancer or trauma, she said.

“Everybody comes through these doors feeling like something’s missing,” Vest said in a promotional video. “That’s what we’re trying to restore here.”

Starting in April, the McKinney-based Mosaic Prosthetics owner will be featured in TLC’s upcoming show, “Body Parts,” slated to premiere in the spring.

In an announcement, TLC said the show will feature Vest using her over 20 years of experience to help patients dealing with major losses by creating realistic, often undetected, prosthetics. That includes work in skin color correction, hair placement and vein painting.

“I found anaplastology by accident just following my love of art and biology and blending those together,” Vest said in the video.

Body Parts is slated to premiere on April 6 on TLC. The show is produced by Lucky Dog Films for TLC.

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