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The McKinney City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution outlining the city’s priorities for the 87th session of the Texas State Legislature.

The approved resolution states that the city looks to promote listed legislative priorities in collaboration with state legislators. McKinney includes its top priority as supporting legislation that reinforces the city’s home-rule authority.

McKinney Strategic Services Manager Trevor Minyard said the following topics in the city’s priority list, including economic development, education and transportation, ultimately fall under the top priority.

Other topics in the list include the McKinney National Airport, digital infrastructure and continued property tax reform.

Included in the city’s legislative priorities are policies that support digital infrastructure and smart applications, including mobile and wired broadband, intelligent transportation systems and mobile payments, according to city documentation.

In addition, priorities include supporting state-wide programs that promote economic growth in aerospace and aviation. The city is also pointing to its McKinney National Airport this session, including by stating that it supports “increased funding to foster airport development for public use and general aviation airports to meet future demands.”

“We are completely in support of the state continuing to invest in not only general aviation, but business aviation in Collin County and specifically at McKinney National Airport,” Minyard said in a Thursday interview.

Other topics include tax reform, wherein McKinney advocates for having the State of Texas re-establish its share of school funding to 50% of total funding, according to city documentation. McKinney also lays out points for education and workforce topics, such as supporting increased funding for workforce education programs in Texas high schools and community colleges.

“A strong public school system is a key component to economic development for companies that are expanding or relocating to the city of McKinney,” the priority document states.

The city’s priority list addresses elections and speaks in support of legislation that maintains the May and November uniform election dates. Minyard said that item was carried over from a previous session. He said that in a previous legislative session there had been a push to move toward solely November elections and to do away with elections in May. He said the city would prefer to have the flexibility to have multiple elections throughout the year.

“I haven't heard any groundswell of information about it resurfacing, but it allows a little flexibility as we're going about our process of talking to the legislature,” Minyard said.

As the legislative session approaches, Minyard said the operation plan for the capitol has yet to be released.

“I think we could have a situation where there's a very limited session where they focus on the budget, they focus on disaster response, they focus on COVID, or it could be business as usual and we have 5,000 to 7,000 bills filed like a normal session,” he said. “It's kind of hard to read the tea leaves.”

The 87th session of the Texas Legislature is slated to convene Jan. 12.

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