'Four Funny Females' can quench your thirst for comedy Saturday at MPAC

Courtesy photo/McKinney Courier-Gazette - From left to right, Jodi Hadsell, Sherry Belle, Linda Stogner and Laura Bartlett perform as the "Four Funny Females" at 8 p.m. Saturday at the McKinney Performing Arts Center.

Four different women, four different backgrounds, but one thing in common - they're all "Four Funny Females."

Jodi Hadsell, Sherry Belle, Laura Bartlett and Linda Stogner are taking the male-dominated comedy world by storm and have been bringing their unique blend of comedy to McKinney for the past four years, showing no signs of slowing down. They return to the McKinney Performing Arts Center at 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 19 for one more night of stand-up.

Jodi Hadsell, the self-proclaimed "geek girl" starts the show by drawing on experiences in her family and single life.

"I am born and raised in Dallas and I feel sort of like a New York girl from Dallas," Hadsell said. "I feel like I was dropped from an alien ship to my family. They are pretty crazy. All of my material comes from my life. People think I make it up but my life is far too interesting to make up."

Hadsell's favorite comedic target is her dad, who she calls a cross between Deepak Chopra and Hank Hill.

"He is such an oxymoron you just can't believe all that exists in one person," she said.

For those concerned that after three years of comedy, the routine may be stale, Hadsell said, think again.

"I have different sets for different crowds," she said. "My stuff is a little more where people say, 'Oh wow, really?' But if I do it in another part of town I am going to do completely different material. We all try to tailor our material for a different crowd."

The routines are family-friendly, and if one comedian doesn't quench the comedy thirst, another will.

"It's four different ladies and we are all from different backgrounds with different types of humor," Hadsell said. "So, if you don't think one person is funny you will think someone else is."

Laura Bartlett, comedian and the show's producer, said it was the most-attended comedy shows in Collin County.

"We have audiences from Plano, Frisco, Allen, Dallas and even Houston and Austin that regularly attend," she said. "We have repeat audience members who keep coming back and bringing their friends."

Barlett called the show the ultimate girls' night out but said "guys love it too."

"There is something for everyone," she said. "Having four different personalities is very appealing to our audience. They know there is something to make them laugh every time they see the show. We are becoming a very vital part of the comedy scene in Dallas."

The shows are getting bigger and bigger every year, and Bartlett said they are close to selling out nearly every show of the season. The season, which began in October 2010, will end March 2011.

Saturday's show will be followed by an after party at Spoons CafŽ in downtown McKinney.

"It's not just the show but the atmosphere," Bartlett said. "They provide us with a drink menu and desserts. It's a cool time to meet people in the audience. We try to create an environment that makes us accessible. I'm not just on stage, I'm from here."

For information or tickets visit www.mckinney texas. org/www/mpacdefault.aspx..

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