Man tries to beat drug test

Charles Beck

Collin County probation officials caught a Farmersville man on deferred adjudication trying to pass off a phony urine sample during his drug test.

Collin County sheriff’s deputies arrested Charles Eliott Beck, 28, on Thursday at the Collin County courthouse and charged him with a misdemeanor for attempting to falsify a drug test, Lt. John Norton of the Collin County Sheriff’s Office said.

Beck went to the Collin County Courthouse to check in with his community supervision and corrections probation officer and administer a court ordered drug as part of the terms of his deferred adjudication.

According to Collin County court records, Princeton police arrested and charged Beck with a second-degree felony charge of manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance between one and four grams back in November 2003. He took a plea deal with the Collin County District Attorney’s Office less than one year later in the 416th District Court. The court placed him on deferred adjudication, which included a probation term of five years and a fine of $1,200.

Deferred adjudication is a special form of probation that allows a defendant to serve time for their charge without admitting guilt. The defendant is placed on a period of supervision and must also meet several other contractual obligations that could include community service hours and court-ordered counseling. Once completed, the charge does not appear on their record as a conviction, according to the Texas Bar Association.

The DA’s office filed a motion to revoke his probation in December 2004, and the court ordered that he continue his probation, according to court records.

Part of his probation requires regular drug screenings at the courthouse. Beck allegedly attempted to administer a test with a concealed device when a community supervisor officer discovered his attempt and reported it to the Sheriff’s Office, Norton said.

Deputies took him into custody and charged him with a misdemeanor for falsifying a drug test. His bond has not been set as of Friday, according to Collin County Detention Center records.

Norton said they also took the device into custody as “evidence.”

Beck attempted to falsify his urine sample with a device called the “Whizzinator.” According to the company’s Web site, the device is concealed under a subject’s clothes and is used to administer false drug tests with synthetic or another person’s urine stored in heated pouches.

Bob Hughes, Collin County community supervisor director, said it is not uncommon for someone on probation to try and cheat on a drug test.

“It happens,” he said.

Hughes also said due to privacy regulations, he could not discuss details of the charges filed against Beck by the sheriff’s office.

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