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Multifamily housing is expected to fill in the vacant lot on US 380 and Boid D’arc Road.

The McKinney City Council unanimously approved zoning for a multi-family development on Sept. 7. A site plan and traffic analysis will follow.

“That’s a rare feat to get us all agreeing on a multifamily project,” Councilmember Rainey Rogers said to the council. “Well done.”

The development is expected to have two-story units that will end 300 feet from the single-family property line.

Bob Roeder, who addressed the City Council on behalf of the applicant, said in addition to providing housing to provide a workforce existing and incoming businesses, the development would also provide a buffer for the single-family homes near Cockrill Middle School.

“This property is a textbook location on why you have a higher density residential application,” Roeder said.

Councilmember Frederick Frazier said while he is not a fan of multifamily housing, he was excited to hear about the development after speaking with residents in favor.

“I’m not the biggest fan of multifamily,” Councilmember Geré Feltus said. “I both love and hate this project. I love that it supports the surrounding businesses which I think is necessary. What I’m frustrated with is the lack of infrastructure expansion. That’s a long history that we already covered, but the traffic on 380 is just horrific. It’s getting worse, and we’re adding more development to it.”

On Aug. 10, the city received letters in opposition and a petition protesting the development with signatures representing 3% of the affected area’s population.

John Palmer, Senior Vice President at Gardner Capital engaged community members to discuss issues concerning the proposed development. He said he met with homeowners in gatherings at their houses, in coffeeshops and over Zoom to discuss the development.

“I’m experienced in community outreach which, as evident tonight, is as important as the brick and mortar that’s going in there,” Palmer said.

Palmer and Roeder noted how none of those who were originally opposed to the development were present to voice their concerns to the City Council.

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