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Scavenger hunts are a time honored form of entertainment, but it’s time they join the modern era of selfies and social media. So ditch the pen and paper and participate in free mobile photo hunts with Eventzee. 

Download the free app to an iPhone or Android device, find an official Eventzee scavenger hunt on the calendar and let the games begin. Follow the clues, submit photos for approval, earn points and win prizes.

New clues are released daily, so check back often and see how you rank against the competition on the global leaderboard. Join the hunt today and get a taste of what it’s like to play Eventzee – maybe even take notes and create a custom hunt.

Whether planning a family reunion, organizing a trade show, or interested in alternative ways to develop corporate training, Eventzee can help create a unique experience for everyone involved. Its feature-filled and user-friendly admin tools make it easy to start one’s own mobile scavenger hunt.

Setting up a hunt is easy: just contact the Eventzee dedicated team and pick an event package. Choose between a traditional photo-based scavenger hunt or a QR code-based hunt, where players use Eventzee to locate QR code stickers hidden in the wild. Once the event is ready, have everyone involved download the free Eventzee app to their Android or iOS device and RSVP to the event. As players request to join the event, the creator can approve them and start communication.

Watch the events unfold in real-time through the web based admin tools. As players hunt, manage communication, approve photos and use push notifications mid-hunt with hidden tasks for extra points.  Eventzee stems from Munzee, a geo-locational smartphone game that uses QR codes around the world for players to find and scan for points.

In three years, Munzee has grown to more than 100 countries with more than 200,000 players worldwide. As the Munzee community grew, a need arose to host private Munzee events in an easy and fun way. Developers then saw an opportunity to create a new app that would make privatized scavenger hunts easier and more customizable for smartphones. The result was Eventzee, the easiest way to host private scavenger hunts for any event possible.

Eventzee and Munzee are based out of downtown McKinney. The name Munzee was derived from the German word for “coin” or Münze. The extra “e” was added to make the name catchier. The original idea was to place QR codes on poker chips or rounded coins.

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