The Collin County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about a scam that involves someone pretending to be a part of the office to get fake warrant payments.

A person identifying himself as a Collin County Sheriff’s Deputy is calling residents and claiming that he is calling regarding outstanding arrest warrants, the office said Monday. The person also provides a method of paying him to clear the warrant.

The person calling also uses names associated with the Sheriff’s Office. On Monday, the Sheriff’s Office said the person had recently been pretending to be Lt. William Armstrong.

The office added that it had seen an increase in the volume of calls it gets about the scam.

“The Collin County Sheriff’s Office does not clear warrants in this manner, nor do we solicit payment over the phone, through text or social media,” the office stated.

In its Monday post, the office included a video that revealed the recorded voicemail greeting for the person pretending to be Armstrong and compared it to the lieutenant’s real greeting.

According to the video, the fake voicemail greeting features a man’s voice saying “you’ve reached Lt. Armstrong with the Collin County Sheriff’s Department. If this is a life-threatening emergency, please hang up and contact 911. I’ll be away from my desk or assisting another citizen with a matter.”

The fake greeting asks callers to leave a detailed message with a case number.

Armstrong’s real voicemail greeting features a woman’s voice saying “Sorry, William Armstrong is not available. Record your message at the tone. When you are finished, hang up or press pound for more options.”

Those with questions about a warrant should call the Collin County Sheriff’s Office Warrants Section at 972-547-5133 or look up active county warrants at apps.collincountytx.gov/judicialrecords/warrant, the department said.

Listen to the video here: 

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