Rebecca Christ

In her first year as McKinney head girls' soccer coach, Rebecca Christ has helped the Lionettes end their double-digit district losing streak while changing the culture.

This week’s guest is in her first season on the job and has helped her program end its double-digit district losing streak while installing a positive, competitive culture in hopes of future success.

Please kick back and relax as the McKinney Courier Gazette shines the Sunday Spotlight on McKinney girls head soccer coach Rebecca Christ.

Do you remember the game or moment when your team began morphing into the one you envisioned when you took over the program?

Christ: We saw glimpses during the first round of district where the girls were really bought in, and then, after a tough loss to Allen, the girls really pushed to finish the season strong with the Plano schools and Boyd.

How big of a deal was it to end that long district losing streak and be set up to end the season playing your best ball of the year?

Christ: It’s a huge deal to see the girls excited about the season and the future of the program. There is nothing better than seeing the girls on the “M” at the stadium for the first time.

What have you learned in your first season as head coach of the Lionettes that will help the program going forward?

Christ: The most important thing I’ve learned this year is to build relationships with the girls through open communication, honesty, love, positivity and some tough love.

Who has positively impacted you the most on and off the field and how has their influence helped you to this point in your career?

Christ: There have been many coaches in my career that have given me advice and reminded me to stay positive even when things aren’t going as planned. The biggest impact in my career have been my parents, who have supported me from the very beginning and are at every game.

What does your program have to do in the offseason to continue to improve so that McKinney can make noise in district play next season?

Christ: We will continue to focus on changing the culture of our program to a culture of hard work and unity. We want to continue to push the girls past their perceived limitations to show them that they are stronger, mentally and physically, than they think they are.

How big of a deal would be to end the long playoff drought the program is currently going through next season?

Christ: Making the playoffs for this program would be the turnaround we need to continue to build our program into the success the Lionettes have had in the past. After these last couple games, the girls have really started to believe anything is possible.

What do you want your team to accomplish in the final week of the season and how bad does the team want to beat Boyd in the final game of the season?

Christ: We want to continue working hard on the field and fight no matter the outcome. It would be huge to finish the season with a win, especially a win over Boyd, to send us into the 2021 season on a high note.

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