Caydie Currin

 Boyd senior captain Caydie Currin has been a positive leader on and off the field for a Boyd girls soccer team that is trending toward making the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season.

This week’s guest has carried on her family’s legacy and is the heart and soul of a McKinney Boyd girls soccer team that is trending toward making the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season.

Please sit back and relax as the McKinney Courier Gazette shines the Sunday Spotlight on Lady Bronco senior co-captain Caydie Currin.

How does it feel to be following in your sister’s footsteps and leaving a positive legacy in the Boyd soccer program?

Currin: I have two older sisters that have both graduated from McKinney Boyd. My oldest sister, Callie, was a cheerleader and served as captain. She was a strong leader and encouraged the team to work hard and give their best. 

My middle sister, Cammie, was a part of the Lady Broncos’ soccer program and I loved being in the program with her my freshman year and her senior year. She always worked hard on and off the field while keeping a positive and motivating attitude. 

We are different types of players, so I really love that I have been able to bring different attributes to my team.  She was voted “Most Spirited Bronco” by her peers two years in a row, and always found a way to lift up her teammates. 

I feel blessed to have been able to watch how they both contributed to their teams. In following in their footsteps, I hope that I can lift up, lead, and encourage my teammates like they did. 

What kind of impact has Boyd head coach Meagan Wilson had on you on and off the field?

Currin: Coach Wilson is very passionate about our program and truly wants each of us to succeed. She has really helped me build my confidence both on and off the field.

She has taught all of us that hard work and perseverance always pays off. Through her guidance, I have learned so much about myself as a player and as a person. She believes in me and my teammates, and always finds a way to encourage us whether it is in soccer, school or in life. 

What is the Lady Broncos’ mindset during the second half of district and what does the team need to do to return to the playoffs?

Currin: We are determined and taking it one game at a time. Our theme for the year is “2020 Vision” and we are trying to stay focused on finishing the season in a strong position. If we all give 100% effort all the time and play with intensity, we can finish the season confident that we did our very best. 

How big of a deal would it be to help the Lady Broncos return to the postseason for the fourth consecutive season?

Currin: We definitely have the goal of returning to postseason for the fourth consecutive season. The Lady Broncos have made it to playoffs every year but one, so we are working towards achieving this goal again this season. 

Everyone on the team has something to contribute, and we believe that we will see our vision come to fruition if we continue to work hard, encourage each other, and expect nothing less than our best on and off the field.

Who has impacted you the most on and off the field and how has their influence helped you get to this stage of your career?

Currin: My parents have been the greatest influence in my life. My dad has always pushed me to be my very best and to never settle for average. He has supported me through my ups and downs, while loving me unconditionally. 

My mom is my biggest fan and my best friend. She always volunteers her time to make sure that our experiences are the best possible and my dad is always willing to help her. In my 14 years of playing soccer, they have never missed a game.

I don’t know where I would be today without my parents helping me along the way.  

What does being a part of the Lady Broncos’ soccer program mean to you? 

Currin: Being a part of the Lady Broncos’ soccer program means being one unit.  We are stronger together and we aren’t successful if we aren’t all doing our part, whether that is in practice or in games. 

I am so grateful to be a part of this program because the coaches and my teammates have helped shape me into the person I am today. We have become family over the past four years and there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do to help each other succeed. 

We have learned that you can overcome any obstacle as long as you have each other by your side.

Where do you plan on attending college at and what do you see yourself doing five years from now?

Currin: I am planning on attending The University of Mississippi in the fall and majoring in early education. In five years, I hope to be mentoring and teaching kids through my career field. 

The teachers and coaches I have had in my life have truly left a long-lasting impression, as well as being a mentor in the PALS program, and I hope to impact the lives of others the way mine has been. 

I have always admired teachers and coaches for the tremendous role they play in student’s lives and would love to contribute to shaping the futures of the next generations to come.

What are you going to miss most about not wearing a Lady Broncos jersey next season?

Currin: I think that the other seniors and I would all agree that we are going to miss the daily relationships we have made with each other, our teammates and our coaches. We will miss the camaraderie we have and the pride we feel every time we put on our Boyd uniform and step onto that field. 

I, personally, will miss being a Bronco and being a part of something bigger than myself. For the players coming up, don’t take this time for granted because it goes by very quickly.

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