Chase Peterson

Boyd senior pitcher Chase Peterson has taken clutch to a new level by beating three of the top teams in the state in consecutive weeks in do-or-die situations during Boyd’s historic playoff run.

This week’s guest has won three consecutive do-or-die games for the Boyd baseball team against three of the best teams in the state the last three rounds while playing a vital role in the Broncos’ magical playoff run.

Please sit back and enjoy my Sunday Spotlight conversation with Boyd senior Chase Peterson.

When did you realize that you and your teammates had the potential to do some special things this season?

Peterson: I realized that this team would be special early in the tournaments. Everybody on the team was able to make an impact in some way and we were winning lots of games.

While I did think that we would perform well in district and make the playoffs, I never expected to make it this far. After watching us play against some tough competition, I feel like we can compete with any team that we come up against.

The tough competition that we face in our district has been a good trial run for what to expect out of other big teams throughout playoffs.

How much did going one-and-done in the playoffs last season inspire you and your teammates to get better and go on a deep playoff run this season?

Peterson: The season ended so quickly last year and as a team I think that we had bigger goals for this season. Going one-and-done gave us some experience on what to expect.

We had six returning starters this year and I think that having that experience of the playoffs has really helped us throughout our playoff run this year. The feeling of unfinished business has really motivated me personally to do whatever I can to help my team win.

What has been your mindset entering three consecutive do-or-die Game 3s over the last three weeks?

Peterson: Entering the third game of each series the last three weeks has been challenging. Each game, all I wanted to do was pitch well enough to give my team a chance to win.

Offense comes and goes in baseball, so I knew that I would have to keep the other teams’ runs to a minimum and luckily our offense has been making my job easier by scoring plenty of runs. The pressure has certainly been high knowing that our season depends on how well I pitch in the third game.

The goal is not to be in the position where we must play a Game 3, but I feel confident in my pitching abilities that I can give my team a chance to win.

What were the feelings and emotions after recording the final out against The Woodlands to pitch Boyd to the regional final round?

Peterson: After I threw that last pitch to send Boyd to the regional finals, I was a little bit shocked. I had just pitched the game of my life against a very good team.

I wasn't sure what to do, so I just started walking off the field and then it really hit me when I was being tackled into a dog pile. We were in the middle of Boyd baseball history and it was a good feeling knowing that I did my part.

I was happy and grateful that I was able to pitch the complete game and that really added to the joy I felt after the game.

How does it feel to be a member of the winningest team in Boyd baseball history?

Peterson: Being a part of the winningest team in Boyd baseball history is crazy. When I look back at all the good players and teams to come throughout Boyd history, I am honored to be able to be a part of this special season.

We have worked hard all year for this, and it really shows our hard work paying off in a big way. I never expected to be making school history this season and I am extremely grateful to be a part of this team with a great group of teammates.

This season has built special bonds between the players and coaches that will last a long time. 

Who has had the most impact on your career and how has their influence helped you have a productive senior year?

Peterson: There are so many people that have helped me become the player that I am today. All the coaches at Boyd really help to preach the importance of doing the little things right and never taking a day off.

This has really helped me to get better and better every day, and after four years, I am happy to see positive results. I have also had great coaches in the summer that have helped me to continue to get better when I am not playing for Boyd.

I would not be the player that I am without the combined effort of all of my coaches that help me to work hard all year round. I had a great junior season and I am happy to be able to continue to help my team during this season as a senior.

How do you think the 2019 Boyd baseball team will be remembered after setting the new standard for the program this season?

Peterson: The 2019 Boyd baseball team will be remembered for showing that Boyd can be one of the powerhouse schools in 6A baseball. Every team at Boyd from now on will be trying to be better than this year’s team.

I feel that after a big season like this that the expectations are going to be higher for next year. We have plenty of young guys on the team that are capable of carrying on this new standard that the 2019 team has set.

I think that after this year, Boyd will be a feared opponent and well respected around the baseball community.

What are you going to miss most about wearing a Boyd baseball jersey next season?

Peterson: The biggest thing that I will miss about wearing a Boyd jersey is the bonds that I have built with the players over the past three or four years. There is nothing like being able to be around all your friends all day at school and then after school at practice.

After spending so much time with the same people, it really makes you want to perform for the team. Nobody on our team is playing for themselves. Everybody has each other’s back on and off the field no matter what they are going through. That feeling of playing for something bigger than yourself has really helped us throughout this season.

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