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The Mesquite Championship Rodeo has kicked off its 65th season, and residents are invited to experience the world that is rodeo in the state's Rodeo capital.  

Here are five things to know about the Mesquite Rodeo with Rodeo Director Travis Wheat: 

What's coming to the Mesquite Rodeo this year? 

So far, the Mesquite Championship Rodeo is in its 65th season, and we'll be hosting rodeo events regularly every Saturday night from June through August. We also have Outlaws Soccer coming back to the arena in the fall and early winter, stretching into spring. We're also having arena football coming into the arena in the spring 2023, and then we'll open to the next rodeo season. 

Tell our readers about Mesquite's indoor soccer and football teams. 

The football team will be new. It's not affiliated with the Mesquite Marshals. That first season was 2017. It's not any relation to that. It's a brand new team entirely. The Outlaws, Mesquite's soccer team will also see a revival since its break during the pandemic.  

How are you involved in the Mesquite Rodeo? 

I have been with the Mesquite Rodeo since late 2013. I started off in sales. I later assumed the role of director of the rodeo, and that's all-encompassing with sponsorship sales, ticket sales, ticket coordination, marketing, rodeo operations, stock operations, working with stock contractors and the various talent in the rodeo just to make sure the Mesquite Rodeo stays alive and well. That's the main goal.  

What is the Mesquite Rodeo's estimated economic impact? 

Eighty to 90% of our attendees are from outside of the Mesquite metro area. Everybody that stays in our hotel and eats at our restaurants, we bring 40,000-50,000 people over the course of the Mesquite Championship Rodeo to Mesquite. That's about the expected attendance.  

How long has the rodeo been around? 

Since 1957. This is the 65th anniversary, and Mesquite residents get 50% off of their ticket. They have for the last two years. That's a standing thing we have for residents of Mesquite. That takes a $32 ticket to $16 and a $22 ticket to $11. That's our homage to Mesquite. We helped build Mesquite, and Mesquite helped build us. We'd like to see people from Mesquite come to the rodeo. This is our rodeo. Mesquite, Texas is the Official Rodeo Capital, as of 1993, of Texas. That's news to a lot of folks, but what's important about the Western way of life is that it embodies everything it means to be an American: hard work, success, determination and getting out of what you put into it. Rodeo is for everybody. It's a whole new world for those who are new to it, and there's a whole lot of opportunity to get into it. 


Winston Henvey is the reporter for the Mesquite News, Coppell Gazette and The Leader serving Carrollton, Flower Mound and Lewisville. Email him with story suggestions at

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