City Council approved additional funds for CARE Act

The Mesquite City Council made amendments to the 2019 CDBG Annual Action Plan to include additional funds to the CARES Act. 


The Mesquite City Council approved amendments to the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)-CV Budget for additional funds to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES)  initiative for the 2021 fiscal year with a 5-0 vote on Monday. 

The approval came through a public hearing amendment to an annual action plan adopted in 2019. The approved $910,854 funds contribute to ongoing programs for city resources.

“A couple of the new programs we are proposing with this latest budget for the CDBG-CV funds for fiscal year 2021 are with our new project, Helen’s Project, will be a field referral service to assist or relocate any homeless found in the community,” Neighborhood Services Director Maria Martinez said.

Another project with East Dallas is estimated at $50,000 to enlist a case manager and outreach specialist in order to create a stop-gap insurance for those that qualify that lost insurances in result of COVID-19.

The city of Mesquite and other communities joined the CARES Act, Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security on Jul. 13. This includes Recovery Mesquite and Sharing Life Outreach resources for those in need.

“Mesquite is moving forward in recovery efforts as it starts to shift in new directions and begins to make progress in recapturing daily life in the community,” City Manager Cliff Keheley said at the beginning of the initiative. “As we go onward, our community will continue to help families and businesses recover from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

An additional program has been listed with Mesquite ISD, and Martinez requested $35,000 in funds for the Safe Landing Program. This new program would be able to provide meals to those who are in need of it. Other programs listed are continued programs partnered with Family Place. These programs offer domestic violence shelter, mental health counseling, domestic violence counseling, CDBG housing rehabilitation and additional allocation to those who qualify. 

“As a person who spent several years pastoring low income poverty administrations to apartment complexes, benevolence is always in my heart, thinking about and hurting for our neighbors who are hurting and struggling especially during this difficult pandemic,” Mayor Bruce Archer said. “We desire deeply to do everything we can do to serve and be a blessing to those in need whether that's financial, domestic violence, mental health or important services. I’m extremely proud and thankful we have access to these funds and that this council and previous councils want to do all we can to those who are struggling.”

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