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Comedian Eddie B

The Mesquite ISD Education Foundation announced the “A Virtual Show of Appreciation,” which will highlight the efforts of staff from Mesquite campuses. 

Each year, the Mesquite ISD Education Foundation has hosted its annual gala and concert fundraising event in the spring. This would have been the 15th annual Lone Star Legacy Gala and Concert, but due to COVID-19, an entertaining show to focus on campus staff will be held in its place. Board of directors and staff collaborated on creative ideas for a replacement event for this year.

“We kept trying to come back to wanting to do something meaningful for our teachers and campus staff and all the employees in the school district that have been working very hard this year especially in unprecedented circumstances,” Education Foundation Executive Director Randy Lewallyn said. “Through all that discussion, we decided ultimately to do something special for them.”

The virtual event is being sponsored by Bloomfield Homes and White Properties, and lunches will be provided by Whataburger for a district-wide lunch Feb. 15. It will also include educator comedian Eddie B.

The luncheon and entertainment viewing will both be socially distanced on all district campuses. The show will be broadcasted across the 50 campuses during the day. The event will use volunteers from across the school district and city including supporters, sponsors and Board of Trustees, and 150 volunteers have signed up.

“Our hope is just that we bring a little bit of laughter and joy to our campuses just as a reprieve from their challenging job this year. Hopefully they get a good laugh out of the comedian,” Lewallyn said. “I think that’s noteworthy and definitely speaks to the amount of appreciation we all have for the job that our campuses are doing this year.”

The Mesquite ISD Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to supplying funds to projects and programs in the school district through grant applications. Grants have been able to be provided through the events hosted by the foundation. 

“MISD is an outstanding supporter of the district foundation, and they always give their full support in anything we do and they are behind us 100% but our goal collectively is to truly tell our incredible educators thank you for the good job they’ve done this year. What they’ve accomplished under these circumstances is miraculous. We just want to shine a light on the fact they’ve done this so well and so gracefully and navigated through the difficult times. We want to shine a light on that work that they’ve done and say thank you.”

The Mesquite ISD Education Foundation has planned to continue its annual event Lone Star Legacy Gala and Concert in the spring of 2022.

In April, the foundation will host its annual online auction. The event has been involved with the gala in previous years, but will be its own individual event this year.

“We offer hundreds of items for Mesquite ISD Education Foundation supporters and sponsors to go and bid on those items as another way to raise money and fund grants in Mesquite ISD,” Lewallyn said. “Everything we do at the end of the day, our existence for Mesquite ISD Education Foundation and our purpose is to raise funds for innovative grants across our school district and programs that fall out of the normal state budget.”

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