Mesquite ranked as 48th most livable mid-sized city in the U.S.

Mesquite was ranked as 48th most livable mid-sized city in the US according to finance report done by SmartAsset.

The city of Mesquite was recently ranked one of the most livable mid-sized cities in the United States according to a study by a personal finance technology company, SmartAsset.

Mesquite was ranked No. 48 along with six other North Texas cities for the year 2020.

These studies show that Mesquite had one of the lowest median monthly housing costs according to the finance report. This was done through a national study done by SmartAsset that has helped people with personal finance decisions around home buying and retirement. Mesquite’s change in median home value since 2015 is 46.02% with a median household income of $61,047, according to the finance report. The poverty rate is also 7.1%.

“It shows that our community continues to gain national prominence for all the great things we are doing, and we will continue to improve the quality of life for our citizens,” Mayor Bruce Archer said. “We hope to be the kindest, cleanest, safest, and most employed city that we possibly can be.”

Following the report of Mesquite being ranked on a national level, Archer announced a call to action to Mesquite residents. Archer reflected on his goals during his campaign, which included how he wanted Mesquite to become one of the cleanest, safest, kindest and most employed city in America.

“In Mesquite we don’t believe in doing big things a couple of times a year. We want to be doing big things daily and weekly,” Archer said. “Every week myself and council members and staff and citizens work toward achieving those goals. From time to time I’ve asked to set aside a special time or day to hone in on one or two of these goals.”

The Mesquite Clean City Task Force led by former MISD Superintendent James Terry and Audwin Prince recently recommended ways in which Mesquite could help the city to become cleaner and have a more beautiful and scenic appearance.

“I’m asking this weekend that residents of each neighborhood get out and pick up trash whether on a street, in your neighborhood, or a location you know could use some attention,” Archer said. “While you’re out cleaning up take time to wave and smile at every pedestrian or driver that you see.”

Archer encouraged residents of Mesquite to help clean trash in order to build a cleaner and kinder Mesquite. Recommendations from the task force will be presented to the City Council soon.

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