Mesquite receives funds for new parks

The city of Mesquite was recently given funds for additional amenities to parks as well as the opportunity to add new parks to neighborhoods.

The Mesquite City Council on Tuesday discussed the available funds the city received for potential park improvements. 

Following the completed sale of Balch Springs, the Parks Department received $3.4 million in funds for potential projects. These funds will have to be used within a two-year time frame and for capital projects. The council discussed a developed list of potential projects based on resident and council inquiries from the last 10 years. 

“We’ve long awaited in this community for the land sale to be completed and for additional funds for parks to come our way. We know that our staff has worked very diligently with each councilmember and their district,” Mayor Bruce Archer said. “I’m real proud of the work that our staff, our city manager and parks department has done to identify various needs for upgrades and new opportunities to show our citizens that the quality of life that the parks bring are important to our city and children.”

The discussed developments would enhance parks with new amenities as well as implement new parks in neighborhood areas such as Copeland Park and Bryan Neighborhood Park. It’s expected that the money will be used to improve parks in all the districts with community input. With the updates and new parks included, it is their hope that it will be a positive impact on the neighborhoods.

“Our goal throughout all of this was to make sure we were impacting parks and neighborhoods throughout the entire city and that we weren’t focusing on one area,” City Manager Cliff Keheley said. “There are a lot of opportunities out there.” 

These projects will have a community input from all neighborhoods within all the districts. Each district was given a specific amount of money for either additional parks or upgrades to existing parks. The set duration for the projects would be completed within the given two-year agreement. 

“When I think about a park, a park by definition is a green space within a community that is there for the enjoyment of the people,” Councilwoman Sherry Wisdom said. “Regardless if it’s grandparents, they have grandkids who play sports. I’m excited to take this to my district. I’m very passionate about this. Thank you for the consideration for every district, every child, for every resident in this city that will benefit from this.” 

Some of the most popular additional amenities to the existing parks were leash-free areas for dogs as well as additional light fixtures to the parks. The main impact was to have a focus on the community as most of the listed projects came from previous resident input. 

“We are going to go after the input of citizens and in regards to these parks and let them talk about it and share about it. We are all in this together for the whole city. We are all looking for what's best for the city and for each particular district, working together,” Councilman Daniel Alman.” I think it would be a fantastic thing to have and that we are doing something for each one of the districts to help continue to build the quality of life for the citizens in Mesquite and their children that are growing in our city.”

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