Dallas County residents chose Republicans by a landslide in most state races and only one Democrat won election to a national office Tuesday, during midterm elections, but at a local level the Republicans faltered.

Incumbents were selected to one national Senate seat and six House seats serving Dallas County. Eddie Bernice Johnson, House District 30, was the only Democrat selected. Each of the seven positions were filled by overwhelming approval.

Kay Bailey Hutchison won her Senate seat by 61.62 percent of the vote. While the Texas Republicans cruised in the national elections, Johnson won the largest approval by earning 80.19 percent of the vote.

Sam Johnson and Jeb Hensarling, Republicans which represent areas including Mesquite, Rowlett, Garland and north into Collin County, each won more than 60 percent of the vote in their House districts.

On a state level, it was a Republican sweep with only the governor’s race not being decided by at least 50 percent of the vote going to the Republican candidate.

Rick Perry was locked in a five-candidate governor’s race against a Democratic candidate, two independents and a Libertarian candidate. Perry won 39.06 percent of the vote in the closest of the state elections. Chris Bell’s 29.76 percent of the vote as the Democratic candidate was not enough to force a runoff.

Incumbents David Dewhurst and Greg Abbott won the Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General elections, respectively. Susan Combs collected the Comptroller position and incumbent Jerry Patterson took the Land Commissioner post. Rounding out the Republican sweep of state elections were Todd Staples, Agriculture Commissioner; and Elizabeth Jones, Railroad Commissioner. Even the available District 12 Board of Education position went to Republican Tincy Miller, an incumbent.

Democrats dominated the local Dallas County elections, going with a Democrat for district attorney, removing Republican incumbent for county judge Margaret Keliher and electing numerous democrats for judicial posts.

The Democratic dominance in Dallas County could be an indictment of the presidential administration, the war in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina and Republican policies, in general. But Republicans did not lose a top national or state position and only lost one election in those races to Eddie Bernice Johnson.

It wasn’t the story across the nation, where voters restored divided government. The Democrats were awarded control of the House from the Republicans and the senate was split as of early returns. No Democratic incumbent lost in the House or Senate as of early returns Tuesday.

Election 2006

Following are the results of national, state and local elections which took place Tuesday. Results listed are percentages of the vote.


Senate, Texas

(i) Kay Bailey Hutchison 61.62

Barbara Ann Radnofsky 35.95

Scott Jameson 2.43

House, Texas District 3

(i) Sam Johnson 62.52

Dan Dodd 34.91

Christopher Claytor 2.58

House, Texas District 5

(i) Jeb Hensarling 61.68

Charlie Thompson 35.70

Mike Nelson 2.62

House, Texas District 24

(i) Kenny Marchant 59.87

Gary Page 37.11

Mark Frohman 3.02

House, Texas District 26

(i) Michael Burgess 60.10

Tim Barnwell 37.35

Rich Haas 2.55

House, Texas District 30

(i) Eddie Bernice Johnson 80.19

Wilson Aurbach 17.60

Ken Ashby 2.22

House, Texas District 32

(i) Pete Sessions 56.42

Will Pryor 41.27

John Hawley 2.30

State of Texas


(i) Rick Perry 39.06

Chris Bell 29.76

Carole Strayhorn 17.97

Kinky Friedman 12.60

James Werner 0.61

Lieutenant Governor

(i) David Dewhurst 58.24

Maria Luisa Alvarado 37.38

Judy Baker 4.38

Attorney General

(i) Greg Abbott 59.56

David Van Os 37.19

Jon Roland 3.25


Susan Combs 59.49

Fred Head 36.98

Mike Burris 3.53

Land Commissioner

(i) Jerry Patterson 55.14

VaLinda Hathcox 40.88

Michael French 3.97

Agriculture Commissioner

Todd Staples 54.82

Hank Gilbert 41.74

Clay Woolam 3.44

Railroad Commissioner

(i) Elizabeth Jones 54.09

Dale Henry 41.69

Tabitha Serrano 4.22

Board of Education, District 12

(i) Tincy Miller 77.85

Matthew Havener 22.15

Senate, District 2

(i) Bob Deuell 78.64

Dennis Kaptain 21.36

Senate, District 8

Florence Shapiro 100.00

House, District 100

(i) Terri Hodge 88.80

Robert Pritchett 11.20

House, District 101

Thomas Latham 76.22

Jeffrey Joyner 23.78

House, District 102

(i) Tony Goolsby 51.94

Harriet Miller 45.81

Thomas Hall 2.25

House, District 103

(i) Rafael Anchia 83.41

David Mason 16.59

House, District 104

(i) Roberto Alonzo 85.47

Cameron McSpadden 14.53

House, District 105

(i) Linda Harper-Brown 55.10

Bob Romano 41.09

John Turner 3.81

House, District 106

(i) Kirk England 49.15

Katy Hubener 48.07

Gene Freeman 2.78

House, District 107

Allen Vaught 50.10

(i) Bill Keffer 46.70

Chris Jones 3.20

House, District 108

(i) Dan Branch 56.01

Jack Borden 40.40

Evan Fisher 3.59

House, District 109

(i) Helen Giddings 90.41

Maurice Dubois 9.59

House, District 110

Barbara Mallory Caraway 100.00

House, District 111

(i) Yvonne Davis 73.75

Cindy Werner 26.25

House, District 112

(i) Fred Hill 77.95

Matthew Moseley 22.05

House, District 113

(i) Joe Driver 59.01

Eric Brandler 37.90

Justin Winn 3.09

House, District 114

(i) Will Hartnett 55.60

Phillip Shinoda 42.29

Edward Cormack 2.11

House, District 115

Jim Jackson 100.00

Supreme Court, Chief Justice

(i) Wallace Jefferson 75.68

Tom Oxford 24.07

Charles Waterbury 0.25

Supreme Court, Place 2

(i) Don Willett 51.00

Bill Moody 44.93

Wade Wilson 4.07

Supreme Court, Place 4

(i) David Medina 75.50

Jerry Adkins 24.50

Supreme Court, Place 6

(i) Nathan Hecht 75.95

Todd Phillippi 24.05

Supreme Court, Place 8

(i) Phil Johnson 76.33

Jay Cookingham 23.67

Criminal Appeals Court, Presiding Judge

(i) Sharon Keller 56.71

J.R. Molina 43.29

Criminal Appeals Court, Place 7

(i) Barbara Hervey 75.88

Quanah Parker 24.12

Criminal Appeals Court, Place 8

(i) Charles Holcomb 76.05

Dave Howard 23.95

5th Court of Appeals, Chief Justice

Linda Thomas 100.00

5th Court of Appeals, Place 2

Joseph B. Morris 100.00

5th Court of Appeals, Place 5

Jim Moseley 100.00

5th Court of Appeals, Place 9

Martin E. Richter 100.00

5th Court of Appeals, Place 10

Molly Francis 100.00

5th Court of Appeals, Place 11

Douglas S. Lang 100.00

5th Court of Appeals, Place 12

Amos Mazzant 100.00

5th Court of Appeals, Place 13

Elizabeth Lang Miers 100.00

Dallas County

44th District Judge

David Kelton 48.43

Carlos Cortez 51.57

68th District Judge

Charles Stokes 47.08

Martin Hoffman 52.92

101st District Judge

Jay Patterson 47.99

Martin "Marty" Lowy 52.01

116th District Judge

Robert Frost 49.36

Bruce Priddy 50.64

134th District Judge

Anne Ashby 100.00

160th District Judge

Nancy A. Thomas 47.40

Jim Jordan 52.60

191st District Judge

Catharina Haynes 48.24

Gena Slaughter 51.76

192nd District Judge

Dawn Estes 46.54

Craig Smith 53.46

193rd District Judge

David Evans 47.49

Carl Ginsberg 52.51

194th District Judge

Mary E. Miller 48.57

Ernest White 51.43

195th District Judge

Dianne Kathryn Jones 48.36

Fred Tinsley 51.64

203rd District Judge

Lana McDaniel 100.00

204th District Judge

Mark Nancarrow 46.70

Lena Levario 53.30

254th District Judge

Jeff Coen 47.91

David Hanschen 52.09

255th District Judge

Craig Fowler 46.24

Lori Chrisman Hockett 53.76

256th District Judge

Brenda Garrett Green 48.92

David Lopez 51.08

265th District Judge

Keith Dean 47.11

Mark C. Stoltz 52.89

282nd District Judge

Karen Greene 48.86

Andy Chatham 51.14

283rd District Judge

Becky Gregory 48.43

Rick Magnis 51.57

291st District Judge

Susan Hawk 100.00

292nd District Judge

Henry Wade, Jr. 48.54

Larry Mitchell 51.46

298th District Judge

Karen Willcutts 46.21

Emily G. Tobolowsky 53.79

363rd District Judge

Faith Johnson 48.50

Tracy Holmes 51.50

Criminal District Judge, Court No. 1

Janice Warder 46.98

Robert Burns 53.02

Criminal District Judge, Court No. 5

Manny Alvarez 47.18

Carter Thompson 52.82

Criminal District Judge, Court No. 6

Danny Clancy 46.24

Jeanine Howard 53.76

Criminal District Judge, Court No. 7

Livia Liu 46.16

Mike Snipes 53.84

Family District Judge, 301st District

Susan Rankin 48.16

Lynn Cherry 51.84

Family District Judge, 302nd District

Frances A. Harris 47.07

Tena Callahan 52.93

Family District Judge, 303rd District

Tomi J. Shehan 45.81

Dennise Garcia 54.19

Family District Judge, 304th District

John Sholden 47.59

William A. "Bill" Mazur, Jr. 52.41

Family District Judge, 305th District

Cheryl Lee Shannon 100.00

Family District Judge, 330th District

Marilea W. Lewis 100.00

Criminal District Attorney

Toby Shook 49.10

Craig Watkins 50.90

County Judge

Margaret Keliher 49.27

Jim Foster 50.73

County Court at Law No. 1, Judge

Russell H. Roden 48.49

D'Metria Benson 51.51

County Court at Law Judge, No. 2

John B. Peyton 48.74

King Fifer 51.26

County Court at Law Judge, No. 3

John W. Stilwell 45.86

Sally Montgomery 54.14

County Court at Law Judge, No. 4

Bruce Woody 46.86

Ken Tapscott 53.14

County Court at Law Judge, No. 5

Mark Greenberg 100.00

County Criminal Court Judge, No. 1

Ada Brown 47.21

Dan Patterson 52.79

County Criminal Court Judge, No. 2

Neil Pask 47.68

Lennox Bower 52.32

County Criminal Court Judge, No. 3

David Lewis 47.64

Doug Skemp 52.36

County Criminal Court Judge, No. 4

Mary Anne Haren 46.63

Teresa Tolle 53.37

County Criminal Court Judge, No. 5

Tom Fuller 100.00

County Criminal Court Judge, No. 6

Jennifer Balido 46.86

Angela M. King 53.14

County Criminal Court Judge, No. 7

Elizabeth Crowder 100.00

County Criminal Court Judge, No. 8

Jane Elizabeth Roden 100.00

County Criminal Court Judge, No. 9

Keith A. Anderson 46.62

Peggy Hoffman 53.38

County Criminal Court Judge, No. 10

Lisa Fox 49.97

Roberto Canas, Jr. 50.03

Judge, County Criminal Court, No. 11

Donna Winfield 46.61

Elizabeth Davis Frizell 53.39

County Criminal Court of Appeals Judge, No. 1

Kristin Wade 100.00

County Criminal Court of Appeals Judge, No. 2

Lynn Burson 47.07

Jeff Rosenfield 52.93

County Probate Court Judge, No. 1

Nikki DeShazo 100.00

County Probate Court Judge, No. 2

Robert E. Price 100.00

County Probate Court Judge, No. 3

Joe Loving 46.91

Michael E. Miller 53.09

District Clerk

Jim Hamlin 46.41

Gary Fitzsimmons 53.59

County Clerk

Cynthia Figueroa Calhoun 47.90

John Warren 52.10

County Treasurer

Lisa Hembry 49.11

Joe Wells 50.89

County Commissioner, Precinct No. 2

Mike Cantrell 100.00

County Commissioner, Precinct No. 4

Ken Mayfield 50.42

Rose "Rosita" Renfroe 49.58

Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 1, Place 1

Jennifer Bradley 17.49

Thomas G. Jones 82.51

Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 1, Place 2

Valencia Nash 100.00

Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 2, Place 1

Gerry Cooper 100.00

Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 2, Place 2

Ken Blackington 100.00

Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 3, Place 1

Al Cercone 100.00

Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 3, Place 2

Sandra Ellis 100.00

Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 3, Place 3

Steve Seider 100.00

Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 4, Place 1

Mike Petty 51.06

Mary Abeyta 48.94

Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 4, Place 2

Bob Whitney 72.36

V. Rose Mercer 27.64

Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 5, Place 1

Luis Daniel Sepulveda 100.00

Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 5, Place 2

Juan Jasso 100.00

Constable, Precinct No. 1

Derick Evans 100.00

Constable, Precinct No. 2

Michael Gothard 100.00

Constable, Precinct No. 3

Ben Adamcik 100.00

Constable, Precinct No. 4

R.L. Skinner 100.00

Constable, Precinct No. 5

Mike Dupree 100.00

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